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How Do I Choose the Best Flea Shampoo?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Choosing the best flea shampoo involves getting the correct product for your pet, ensuring it does not irritate the animal's skin, and making certain it is effective. It is not recommended to use dog flea shampoo for cats, and vice versa, so pick a product designed specifically for your animal. Next, try a product that is described as gentle or moisturizing, especially if your pet has difficulty with dry skin already. Finally, always read reviews or ask a veterinarian about the effectiveness of a flea shampoo before purchasing it. In addition, be prepared to treat your home and yard to fully get rid of fleas and prevent a re-infestation of your pet.

You would probably never use a human dandruff shampoo on your cat or give it human headache medication. Dog flea shampoo is basically a medicated shampoo, especially for dogs, just like most human medications are specifically designed with humans in mind. Do not use a product not specifically marked for cats or for dogs on the inappropriate pet. Using a different kind of product can be disastrous; for example, using dog flea shampoo on a cat can make it become ill and need professional treatment.

A flea.
A flea.

A lot of pets have naturally dry skin, and a shampoo can wash away protective oils. Excessively dry skin can lead to itchiness and baldness from itching too much. One way to minimize this problem is to buy a moisturizing flea shampoo or apply a moisturizer after the shampoo. Both brick-and-mortar pet stores and Internet shops carry moisturizing products specifically for pets, because dry skin is a very common problem. It is generally not a good idea to use regular human hair conditioner on a pet. Even though some are likely not problematic, it is best to be safe than sorry and out an emergency vet fee.

Flea shampoo.
Flea shampoo.

Fleas are a serious problem that is difficult to resolve, especially when a few fleas have become an infestation. Sometimes a product is simply not effective at killing the pests, and a new flea shampoo should be used in its place. Remember that it is not enough to just use a flea shampoo to get rid of fleas. The house and yard must also be treated in most cases, especially the pet’s bedding and play area. If these areas are not treated, the shampoo will give the pet some relief, but it will likely be re-infested by the end of the day.

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    • A flea.
      By: Carolina K Smith MD
      A flea.
    • Flea shampoo.
      By: Irina Brinza
      Flea shampoo.
    • Bathing a dog regularly with herbal shampoo will kill any fleas that are living on it.
      By: absolutimages
      Bathing a dog regularly with herbal shampoo will kill any fleas that are living on it.