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What Are the Different Types of Parrot Harnesses?

Parrot harnesses come in various styles, each designed to keep your feathered friend safe during outdoor adventures. From the classic H-style to the aviator and vest-type harnesses, these restraints cater to different bird sizes and temperaments, ensuring comfort and security. Wondering which harness best suits your parrot's unique personality? Let's find the perfect match for your companion's next excursion.
L.L. Probst
L.L. Probst

Parrot harnesses are most commonly available in three distinct commercial designs. Harnesses are designed for comfort and movability of parrots of different breeds and sizes. Single-loop designs, buckled harnesses and flight suits are the most commonly utilized commercial parrot harnesses. Some parrot owners choose to design their own harnesses specifically to meet their needs and their parrot’s needs.

Single-loop parrot harnesses are designed to slip easily onto the bird. A single piece of flat braided nylon, the collar loop, goes around the parrot’s head and comes to rest just above the chest. The adjustable collar loop evolves into a single band of nylon that extends down the back and another single band that extends down the front of the bird. The front and back bands then join at the adjustable waist belt, where the entire unit clips together. An additional clip is present on the belt to attach a leash.

Parrot harness types include single-loop, buckle and flight-suit styles.
Parrot harness types include single-loop, buckle and flight-suit styles.

A buckled parrot harness is a one-piece unit that the owner buckles in place on the parrot. This is an H-shaped harness made of flat nylon braids that connect using metal buckles in the front of the bird. The collar loop buckles around the chest region and has a nylon band that runs down the back to the waistband, which then connects using metal buckles along the abdomen and in front of the legs. A stabilizing nylon band connects the collar loop to the waistband. A leash can be connected to the front or back of the harness.

Flight suits could be more decorative alternatives to harness parrots. A piece of soft cloth that might come in many different colors and decorations slips over the bird’s head and wings and around the legs to make a flight suit. The suit utilizes hook-and-loop fasteners along the back to secure the suit in place on the bird. These parrot harnesses also are equipped with parrot diapers that capture droppings. Leashes also can be attached to flight suits to allow owners to maintain control of their parrots.

All parrot harnesses are available in different colors and sizes. Purchasing a harness that best fits the size and breed of the bird should assist in ease of wear and movability. The bird should be introduced to the harness to get accustomed to it before use. Training with the harness should be implemented indoors before allowing the parrot to fly outdoors, to avoid accidental escape or injury to the bird.

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    • Parrot harness types include single-loop, buckle and flight-suit styles.
      By: susan flashman
      Parrot harness types include single-loop, buckle and flight-suit styles.