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What Are the Different Types of Finch Aviaries?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

There are many different types of finch aviaries. Finches are cheerful, curious birds and happy in a variety of shapes and styles of cages. Types of finch aviaries are categorized by their design, their function, and the materials used. There are three basic types: indoor, outdoor, and combination. They are available ready made, in kits, or can be made from scratch.

Depending on the type of finch aviary, it may be less expensive to make a cage from scratch. Larger outdoor cages or combination cages are less expensive than a ready-made or kit aviary. Small, ready-made, and kit aviaries may be less expensive to purchase, especially if bought second-hand.

Canaries are a type of finch.
Canaries are a type of finch.

Large scale ready made finch aviaries are easier to set up, but they often come in standard sizes and shapes. For bird owners who need specific accommodations for their space, the aviary will have to be made from scratch. It is also possible to hire a builder to make an aviary, but this is also an expensive option.

Ready-made finch aviaries are typically made of wire and are rectangular. There are also domed cages which have a curved ceiling. Although some come with perches, additional accessories usually must be purchased. Smaller finch aviaries, designed for one or two pairs of finches, may also have a removable lower tray for cleaning. Larger cages may also have a built in stand with wheels so that the aviaries can be moved.

In warm climates, an aviary can be built outdoors with no insulation. A concrete slab is poured for the foundation and floor, a wood frame is set up to support the wire caging, and the wire is attached to the frame. Thin-gauge wire with small spacing is required to contain finches because they are quite small. It is almost as important to choose small spacing to deter predators in outdoor aviaries.

Cooler climates, make it necessary to build an indoor or a combination aviary. Combination aviaries have a section, which is insulated and includes a heating unit. Birds live in the insulated section during the winter and in the outdoor wire section during the summer.

Indoor aviaries are typically smaller than outdoor aviaries because many individuals simply don't have enough space to accommodate a large aviary. The aviary is usually built on a different foundation than an outdoor aviary as well and may also require a removable tray or alternative flooring to allow for cleaning.

The size of the aviary, as well as its shape and contents, depends on how many birds will be living in the space. Large cages, several feet (1 foot = 0.3 meters) in height, width, and, length are designed to house several pairs of finches. Typically, the size of the cage is related to the size of the bird, with a minimum of six times the bird's length for a flight path and four times the bird's length for height. In most cases, the larger the cage, the more freedom the bird will have to fly and explore.

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The downside of having Aviary finches is that you need more space than the common cage. Also it's difficult to maintain and commonly expensive.

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    • Canaries are a type of finch.
      By: enens
      Canaries are a type of finch.