Which Country Has the Most Tornadoes Relative to Land Area?

The Netherlands has the most tornadoes of any country relative to its land area, with at least 20 a year, which works out to 0.0013 tornadoes per square mile (0.00048 per sq km) a year. The UK has the next most (relative to land area), with around 33 recorded tornadoes a year, or 0.00035 per sq mi (0.00013 per sq km). It also has the most tornadoes (in absolute numbers) of any European country, regardless of size.

More about tornadoes:

  • Tornadoes are generally rated according to the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Around 80% of tornadoes in the US only get a F1 rating or less, which means that they have winds of up to around 110 mph (about 180 km/h). It's rare for tornadoes in general to rank above a F3, which means that they have winds of up to 165 mph (about 265 km/h).
  • The US has the most tornadoes (in absolute numbers) of any country with around 1,200 a year. This is about four times more than all of Europe, and 10 times the number of the country with the second most tornadoes (in absolute numbers), Canada.
  • The reason the US has so many tornadoes is because of North America geography. That is, the mixture of warm, moist air from the South and cold air from the North, along with the vertical mountain ranges, make good conditions for this type of weather.
More Info: www.ncdc.noaa.gov

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This report is incomplete. How many damaging tornadoes have there been in the Netherlands and UK? In the last two years the US has had record amounts of damage and death from tornadoes.

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