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What Is the Mandarin Duck?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

The Mandarin duck is a species of duck that is close relative of the North American wood duck. Male Mandarin ducks have a very distinctive color pattern, including bright orange sails and an iridescent crest. These types of ducks are native to many parts of eastern Asia, but they can now be found in many other parts of the world as well. Mandarin ducks prefer aquatic habitats near trees, since they feed on land and nest in the trees.

Known scientifically as Aix galericulata, the Mandarin duck is a close relative of the North American wood duck. Like the wood duck, it is also very colorful. In fact, many scientists believe that the Mandarin duck is one of the most beautiful ducks in the world.


A male Mandarin duck typically has a very colorful appearance beginning in the fall. It has a reddish colored bill and face, with white streaks over the eyes that run to the back of the head. The feathers on the top of its head are green and red, and they point toward its back, forming a crest. Its breast is usually a purple or maroon color, and it is covered in black and white stripes. The tail and the back are usually a dark brown color with iridescent blue and green mixed throughout, and the underside of this duck is usually light in color.

Probably the most distinctive feature of the male Mandarin duck are the two bright orange sails on either side of its back. After the breeding season, however, the male of this species molts, and he loses much of his distinctive coloring. At this point, he looks very much like the female Mandarin duck, which is usually gray and white. The male and the female can still be distinguished from each other, though, because the male retains the red bill, prominent crest, and two large sails on either side.

The Mandarin duck is indigenous to many parts of Asia, particularly eastern Asia. Today, however, small populations of this duck can be found on other continents as well, including Europe and North America. It is commonly believed that these populations became established after several Mandarin ducks escaped from captivity in these areas. Generally, Mandarin ducks will settle in any area that is similar to their native habitat.

Mandarin ducks typically prefer to settle near bodies of water near woodlands. These ducks often feed on small fish as well as different types of vegetation and insects. They also make their nests in hollow cavities in trees, where they lay clutches of eggs.

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