What is the Loudest Animal?

The blue whale is the loudest animal on Earth. The whale's calls can reach 188 decibels, louder than jet engine at 140 decibels, and can be heard for more than 500 miles (805 kilometers). The blue whale also is the largest animal — they can measure 100 feet (31 meters) and 160 tons (145,149 kilograms). The whale eats up to 8 tons (7,257 kilograms) of food per day.

More Indoor Voice Facts:

  • The howler monkey is the second loudest animal and the loudest land animal. Its screeches can be heard for up to 3 miles (about 5 kilometers).

  • Human hearing tissue starts to die at 180 decibels.

  • A typical lawn mower reaches about 107 decibels. Long-term exposure to sounds above about 95 decibels can cause hearing loss — one more excuse not to mow the lawn.
More Info: NOAA; Smithsonian

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