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What Is a Jardine Parrot?

The Jardine Parrot is a vibrant, intelligent bird, known for its deep green plumage and playful nature. Native to Africa, these parrots form strong bonds with their owners, making them delightful companions. With a penchant for mimicry, they bring joy and laughter into any home. Curious about how to care for these feathered friends? Discover the secrets to keeping a Jardine Parrot happy and healthy.
Geisha A. Legazpi
Geisha A. Legazpi

A jardine parrot is one of the tropical birds native to most countries in Africa. This medium-sized bird can talk, whistle, and copy most of the sounds that it hears, making it a popular choice for a pet. Although the overall color of the jardine parrot is green, it is also commonly known as red-fronted parrot because of the red feathers present on its head, wings, and legs. It was the son of the famous Scottish biologist, Sir William Jardine, who discovered this bird in the Congo, naming it "Congo Jack." There are three varieties, including the lesser jardine parrot, the black wing jardine parrot, and the greater jar dine parrot; some experts, however, believe that there is a fourth kind.

Together with lovebirds and cockatoos, parrots belong to a group of birds called psittacines. They have colorful feathers and a hooked bill that fits over the lower jaw. While the bill is used mainly for getting food, it also helps parrots cling from one branch to another and to hold small objects. Parrots are considered intelligent animals because when trained, they acquire the ability to communicate and interact with people. These pet birds are considered exotic pets because they are not common pets, unlike dogs and cats.

Jardine parrots are native to most countries in Africa.
Jardine parrots are native to most countries in Africa.

The points of differentiation among the three kinds of jardine parrots include the colors in their feathers and their overall size. Smallest are the lesser jardine parrots, which have the brightest colors in their feathers. As the name suggests, black wing jardine parrots have black wings and are slightly bigger. Greater jardine parrots, the largest among the three, have the least amount of color in their feathers. Another characteristic that distinguishes this kind is the slightly smaller bill that resembles that of a hawk.

Only legitimate bird breeders and pet shop owners can breed and sell jardine parrots because the hunting and trading of wild jardine parrots by ordinary people are not allowed. The jardine parrot eats seeds and food pellets, while those that live in the wilderness usually eat fruits and nuts. All jardine parrots look the same, regardless of sex. Building of nests is done in holes of trees, while those that are kept as pets are provided with nest boxes. The female jardine parrot sits on three or four white eggs that are laid at a time in order for them to hatch after about 27 days.

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    • Jardine parrots are native to most countries in Africa.
      By: Ruslan Olinchuk
      Jardine parrots are native to most countries in Africa.