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What is a Daschund?

A Dachshund is a charming breed known for its long body and short legs, resembling a little hot dog. Originating from Germany, these dogs were bred for hunting, their unique shape perfect for burrowing. With a playful yet stubborn temperament, Dachshunds make affectionate companions. How does their hunting past influence their behavior today? Join us to uncover the traits of this beloved breed.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

A daschund, which is actually spelled "dachshund," is a breed of dog that has a very long body, tail, ears and muzzle but very short legs. This extreme-looking breed was originally developed in Germany to hunt badgers. In fact, daschund means "badger dog" in German.


Pair of smooth-haired Dachshund puppies.
Pair of smooth-haired Dachshund puppies.

Possible daschund colors include two-color combinations of black and tan, black and cream, brown and tan or blue and tan, but solid red and black and tan are the most common colors. Many kennel show clubs don't recognize the solid chocolate brown or solid black varieties, and these colors are rare. Red daschunds can either be light or dark, and the red might be rusty or more coppery. Sometimes, red daschunds have black mixed in with the red, and breeders call this desirable coloring an overlay.


Most daschunds have smooth coats, but long-haired and wire-haired varieties of the breed also exist. The wire-haired daschund usually needs professional grooming, but the other types have more easy-care coats.


Dachsunds were originally bred to hunt badgers.
Dachsunds were originally bred to hunt badgers.

Their long-bodied shape is why daschunds are sometimes called wiener dogs in North America and sausage dogs in the United Kingdom. "Doxie" and "daschie" are other American nicknames for the breed. "Dackel" and "teckel" are German nicknames given to the breed and refer to the daschund's tracking capabilities as a scent hound.


Back injuries are common in daschunds, so it's important for owners to keep the dogs' weight proportionate to their size to make sure that their spines can provide the proper support. These dogs will often roll on carpeting or grass to keep their spines flexible. When a person is carrying a daschund, its back should always be supported. These dogs should not be allowed to jump from a height that is too great. Stools in the home are often a good idea to allow the dog access to beds and other furniture.

Personality Characteristics

Daschunds are known to be playful dogs that love chasing games. They are said to be stubborn to train and might like digging holes in the garden or yard. Daschunds have a loud bark for their size and tend to make loyal watch dogs. Most daschunds don't like to be alone and might whine and/or damage household furnishings if left alone. They need to be around people but might not be the best choice for homes with small children because they might get out of control if they become excited.

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Discussion Comments


I have a mini red dachshund. I am having issues with his weight. I am not sure how much to feed him. He is a year old?


I have a short haired daschund. When we came back from Florida this summer visiting my sister, her husband and my nephew, my dog would not go outside on his electric fence collar. For weeks, I had to either take him outside on a leash or push him outside and go with him. I had to make sure he did his business outside. Sometimes he would go in the house, if he did not make it outside in time. I wonder why this happened.


I have two dachshunds, one long-haired brindle, miniature. He is almost two years old and weighs almost 9 lbs, and my other is shorthaired, is almost 5 and weighs 15 lbs. How do I know when they are getting overweight? I love them both. They are so much fun to be around.


i just recently got a mini daschund i named her harley and she is small. I'm wondering how big she will get. She is too cute and sweet she chews on shoes a lot and she potties in the house sometimes but she is doing better. She is about seven weeks old and i love her so much. If anyone has hints to help me with her, I would be grateful.


My little mini doxie just got diagnosed with back issues and is in constant pain. She barely walks anymore and doesn't want to play at all. My heart is breaking that she is only five years old and already dealing with this issue. She is not overweight and has always loved to go on my runs with me.

I think this breed is a wonderful family dog. My two minis have always been good around any children older or young. They only get very defensive when the doorbell rings as they don't like to have people disrupt their lives.


We have a miniature daschund, and she is great with both our ten year old and our two year old as well as with my six month old nephew. As long as you supervise them (as you should with all pets), you shouldn't have any problems.


I have a question: do the long haired daschunds have really long hair at three months or does it steadily get longer.


Hi Augustgrace,

If you don't have tiny toddlers or young children at home then a Daschund is the right choice. It suits a family with older children. It is easy to groom and maintain them at home for a busy family(Especially the short haired breed) as it will not carry much odor and needs less exercise when compared to other sporting breeds (a long walk twice a day is sufficient).

They are not easily trainable as they are too playful but will surely be obedient. I leave my Daschund for hours at home, he does nothing destructive, might pull down few clothes if it is more than 6 hours but does not tear or break things once they are quite matured. It is also very easy to keep things out of their reach. Daschunds are very cute and adorable they need lot of interaction and attention.



hey. i want to get home a pup ..i love dogs simply... but ya i require a dog who can live in a small area....i can't provide a large space ... so that dachshund will be a good pet....but can you suggest me a breed whom i can train to stay alone for like few hours daily??? which breed is easy to train to stay home alone for sometime... we move out to work and its impossible for somebody to stay home 24X7 12 months of a year... i m sure this is an issue with a lot of dog lovers! please answer.... it is a grave situation but i want a dog! keeping a cat was easy but i want a dog...

thank u.


I have a mini longhaired daschund. I have a question. She has little appendages behind each ear. Is this normal? What are they? She won't hardly let me try to look and see. And the long hair on her ears make it even harder.


how long has the daschund breed been in existence? and i wonder how many years of breeding did it take to achieve that long torso and short legs?

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    • Pair of smooth-haired Dachshund puppies.
      Pair of smooth-haired Dachshund puppies.
    • Dachsunds were originally bred to hunt badgers.
      By: suerob
      Dachsunds were originally bred to hunt badgers.