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What Are the Different Types of Ferret Food?

Ferret diets are specialized; they thrive on high-protein, high-fat, and low-fiber foods. Options range from quality kibble and raw diets to specially formulated ferret foods, each tailored to their carnivorous needs. Understanding these choices ensures your ferret's health and vitality. Curious about which type best suits your furry friend? Let's dive deeper into their dietary needs and find the perfect match.
T. Carrier
T. Carrier

Many individuals favor more exotic pets over traditional companions like dogs and cats. Ferrets have become the animal of choice for numerous consumers seeking house pets. Although it can be a domesticated mammal, the ferret still requires special considerations in its care, particularly its eating habits. Several types of ferret food can serve this purpose. Dry ferret or cat kibble are common dietary options, and fresh meat may occasionally be fed to ferrets as well.

Perhaps the most prevalent type of ferret food is kibble. These small, often dry pellets are mixtures of food products and nutrients, and they may resemble traditional dry dog or cat food. Since ferrets are primarily carnivores, one should ideally select a kibble with a meat base. Foods high in vegetable, fruit, and sugar content are generally discouraged In addition, high-protein selections are a strong benefit for younger ferrets.

Chick liver is a favorite food of most ferrets.
Chick liver is a favorite food of most ferrets.

Some owners also feed their ferrets high-quality cat or kitten food because it contains much of the protein, fiber, and other essentials a ferret requires. Since pet ferrets cannot get the nutrients they would otherwise receive from consuming the organs and bones of animals in the wild, their diet must consist of more than just meat alone. Cat food works as a better option than dog food because the latter is lacking in several key nutrients and also tends to contain a high amount of carbohydrates, which can be extremely unhealthy for ferrets.

Occasionally providing ferrets with fresh food can be beneficial, as they naturally possess sharp teeth for purposes of tearing and grinding. Meats are of course the popular choice, particularly cooked meats like chicken or pork. Liver is a particular favorite of the animals, as its flavoring is a constant in many ferret snack products. Cooked eggs offer another option for ferret food. Junk foods, however, are discouraged because of the same health dangers associated with humans.

Ferrets can be notoriously picky eaters. They will often fixate on one brand or type of ferret food to the exclusion of other options. For this reason, if one wishes to change a ferret’s diet, slow introduction to the new food is best. This can be achieved by mixing small amounts of the desired food in with the current preferred food. As the ferret becomes accustomed to the new tastes, one can gradually increase the amount of new food until it becomes the primary diet.

The thin, elongated bodies of these creatures makes them highly susceptible to health-related concerns, so a diet with proper ferret food is essential. A gravy-like recipe known as duck soup may prove beneficial for sick ferrets. A pet owner should also consider the general eating habits of their animal for maximal dietary success. For one, ferrets are crepuscular, or most active at daylight or daybreak, so food should be readily available at these times. Further, ferrets are natural diggers and burrowers, so one may want to place food in a deep bowl or container.

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Does anyone know of a good ferret supply company? I want a company that has only supplies for ferrets--a place that specializes in them. Thank you.


I have to buy the same ferret food every time I go to the store. My ferret is so picky. I have tried to slowly introduce different types of foods and he will not touch them.

I guess I will continue to get the big bags of his current food, because it is cheaper to buy it that way. Buying the smaller bags gets really expensive. I wish he like some of the cheaper kinds, but that is not going to happen.

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    • Chick liver is a favorite food of most ferrets.
      By: sassyphotos
      Chick liver is a favorite food of most ferrets.