What are the Different Types of Cat Collars?

Cat collars come in a variety of styles, each with unique features to suit different feline needs. From breakaway safety collars designed to prevent accidents to reflective types for nighttime visibility, and even GPS-enabled collars for tracking wanderers, there's a perfect fit for every kitty. Wondering which collar is right for your beloved pet? Let's find out together.
R. Kayne
R. Kayne

From buckles, to break-aways, to bling, there is no shortage of cat collar styles to meet every need! You can get one that matches your kitty's personality or one that is purely utilitarian, a collar that protects your pet from climbing accidents or one that is personalized.

Traditional buckle collars come chiefly in nylon or leather. Buckle collars are good for older cats that have slowed down or for indoor cats. The leather might be studded or bejeweled, stitched or plain. Nylon collars come in a variety of colors and patters as well.

Veterinarian with a puppy
Veterinarian with a puppy

For active cats that do a lot of climbing, a break-away collar might be a better choice. These cat collars are designed to open should your cat get it caught on something. In this case, the cat's weight would cause the fastener to "break-away" and release your pet. Some people do not like break-away collars because the cat can lose them and any tags attached. Others feel that replacing the tag and collar is a small price to pay for possibly saving the life of the pet.

Most break-away cat collars are made of nylon and, like buckle nylon collars, come in an endless variety of colors and styles. The break-away fastener is similar to fasteners on fanny packs and soft carrying cases, except it does not "click" into a locked position. To remove it, you do not have to depress side levers. Simply pulling the fastener apart will release it if enough pressure is applied.

If your baby likes bling, there is plenty to choose from among designer cat collars. Most jeweled collars feature buckles and are usually worn by indoor cats. One online vendor offers Australian crystals set in individual bezels, sparkling against fine Italian leather. Another offers handmade cat collars adorned with pearls, rhinestones, cubic zirconia and lace. Prices range widely on jeweled cat collars, from a few dollars to over US$100. Now that's bling even a cat cannot turn tail to!

If your cat does not like wearing identification tags, you might consider personalized cat collars. These nylon collars are boldly imprinted with your phone number and the name of your cat. In the event your kitty gets lost, the imprinted collar cannot be missed!

With the millions of cats that are sadly lost and destroyed each year, it is imperative to spay or neuter your pet. An identification tag or personalized collar will also protect your pet from being permanently lost or ending up at the local pound. ID tags and personalized cat collars are inexpensive and a small price to pay for the insurance they provide. After all, isn't your kitty worth it?

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My cats have lost so many breakaway collars that I stopped buying them. However, I have also had my male cat get his jaw stuck in the buckle collar, and it was so tight I had to cut it off. My female cat got her leg stuck in the buckle collar. I was lucky both times that this happened inside when I was home.

I think if your cat is always outside, a breakaway collar is safer.


my three month old bobtail kitty had one of these breakaway collars on. last night he hung himself and was dead this morning. i miss him so much and i know it had to be horrible for him.


I hate the breakaway collars. They do not last more than a day with my cat! He has had the buckle-type for more than two years and has had no problems.


i believe these are useful collars, the break-away ones, I would pay the price; after all

our cats deserve them.


Safe cat collars are a must. Too many cats get into trouble while out and about and need to be released quickly.


i think fashionable cat collars cost too much nowadays especially for such a small thing.

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    • Veterinarian with a puppy
      Veterinarian with a puppy