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What Are the Advantages of a Ferret as a Pet?

Marisa O'Connor
Marisa O'Connor

There are many advantages to keeping a ferret as a pet. They are very curious, playful, adventurous, affectionate, and sociable, making them very entertaining and fulfilling little house guests. They are also very quiet animals that sleep most of the day, making them great for people who are away from home during the day. Ferrets also make great pets because of their long lifespans, small size, and ability to be litter trained.

One of the benefits of keeping a ferret as a pet is that they are very playful and curious. These pets will entertain themselves and their owners in the process. They love to play with toys and are fascinated by new smells, sights, sounds, things, and places. Watching ferrets unabashed joy and curiosity is bound to bring joy and laughter to its owners. Health benefits from the happiness pets can bring is well documented, and ferrets are no exception to this rule.

Ferrets are bound to bring laughter to their owners.
Ferrets are bound to bring laughter to their owners.

Having a ferret as a pet is a great option when one is looking for an affectionate and sociable friend. Ferrets are very social creatures, much like humans, and it is often recommended that more than one ferret is taken home. These animals love to play and interact with one another, and their owners will have a blast watching them run around and play together. Even when these pets have other ferrets to play with, they will still have plenty of energy to play with their owners.

Another advantage of keeping a ferret as a pet is how quiet they are. Despite their playful nature, these animals vocalize rarely, and when they do, it is generally very quiet. The only time a ferret might make a noise loud enough to draw the attention of neighbors, is in the event it is hurt or very frightened.

Ferrets also make great pets due to their small size. They are small enough not to cause much damage when they run around the house and inevitably knock into things. Due to their small size, they can also be kept in relatively small cages. The ideal ferret cage is tall with multiple levels, so even the larger cages don't take up much room. The small size of these pets also adds to their adorableness.

A huge advantage to keeping a ferret as a pet is that they can be litter trained. Ferrets are not quite as consistent as cats when it comes to litter training, and there are bound to be a few accidents, but they are one of the few pets with this ability. It is a testament to their incredible intelligence.

A great reason to choose a ferret as a pet is that they have a relatively long lifespan. The average ferret lives about seven years, so long lasting relationships can be formed with these pets. They are also known to remain very playful throughout old age.

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I'd say if you can handle a dog or a cat, you should be able to handle a ferret or two. I've only been bitten once, and it was really my fault for not picking him up the right way. As long as you keep them fed and keep the litter box clean, they should be happy little creatures.


My family has had ferrets as pets several times, and I agree they are very playful and fun to watch. I'd compare their temperament to an active kitten. Most ferrets don't mind being held, and you can even play a little rough with the younger ones. They love being the center of attention.

One thing I will say about ferrets is that they rarely lose their natural hunting instincts. Ferrets will pounce on small rodents, or anything that reminds them of small rodents. I happened to be wearing a pair of white cotton socks and no shoes one day, and a ferret thought my foot was a white mouse. He bit into my Achilles tendon and would not let go. I'd say be careful if you have toddlers in the crawling stage and active adult ferrets running loose in the house.

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    • Ferrets are bound to bring laughter to their owners.
      By: ArtFamily
      Ferrets are bound to bring laughter to their owners.