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How Do I Choose the Best Finch Birdhouse?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

When attempting to choose the best finch birdhouse, there are some specific features to look for, in addition to tips that apply to birdhouses in general. Finches are relatively small birds, so it is important to choose a birdhouse that will allow them to enter and leave, but keep out predators and larger birds. This can be achieved by selecting a birdhouse with an entry hole that is no larger than 1.5 inches (about 3.8 cm) in diameter. The ideal size for a finch birdhouse is roughly 6 inches (about 15 cm) on each side to provide these birds with enough space to nest. General tips when selecting a birdhouse are to choose a unit with a removable roof, sufficient drain holes, and to avoid anything with dark exterior paint.

Finches are small birds that are well adapted to birdhouses. They are typically not very difficult to attract to a yard with the right type of food, but predators can be a concern if you decide to install a finch birdhouse. In order to provide the best possible birdhouse for finches, it is important to reduce the risk of predators while also selecting a unit that will not overheat, become damp inside, or rot too quickly.


The most important concern when choosing a finch birdhouse is to ensure that it will not be accessible to predators. One way to do this is to choose a unit with a properly sized entrance hole. Finches need entrance holes that are about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) in diameter, and larger holes can allow predators in, as well as larger birds that may compete with the finches for food, and drive them away. If you choose a birdhouse with an entrance hole of 2 inches (5 cm) or larger, any finch that nests there will be in danger from house sparrows and other species of birds.

Finch birdhouses can also be made safe from predators in a few other ways. One is to choose a birdhouse that has a thick front wall, or to add extra material around the entrance hole. If you can choose a birdhouse with a deep entrance hole, predators will have a more difficult time reaching inside. If the entrance hole is angled upwards, that can also prevent a predator from reaching the nest inside. A birdhouse that can be mounted on a steel pole, instead of a tree or the side of a house, can also be much safer for these small birds.

There are also a number of general tips that can help you find the best finch birdhouse. One important feature is a roof that is removable or hinged, since that will allow you to clean out the old nesting materials each year. It is also a good idea to look for birdhouses that have sufficient vent and drain holes, and an adequate roof overhang can help prevent rain from getting inside. Woods that are naturally resistant to decay are typically better than wood that has been treated or painted, and dark exterior paints can cause excessive heat buildup inside.

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