Do Animals Have Accents?

Just as humans develop accents based on country and region, there are some types of animals that develop regional accents. A study conducted by a team from Queen Mary University in London, England, concluded that goats have regional accents. Other research has indicated that birds, dogs and cows can also develop accents based on their location.

More facts about animals and accents:

  • Whales are another example of animals that develop accents. One school of thought holds that young whales learn dialects based on the vocal sounds made by their parents. There are nine regional populations of blue whales, with each of those populations exhibiting some type of accent.

  • Cows tend to moo at different pitches, based on the prevailing type of vocal sounds made in the herd. Other cows that are introduced to a herd will, over time, begin to develop that localized accent, much the way humans who move to a different region begin to take on some of the speech and pronunciation patterns of the locals.

  • Parrots are an example of birds that can develop accents. In addition to picking up human pronunciation when repeating words and phrases, domestic parrots that are kept together can develop similar vocal patterns.

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