Why Does the Strawberry Squid Have One Large and One Small Eye?

Deep-sea dwellers such as the strawberry squid have developed unique physical adaptations to help them survive in cold, dark habitats. For example, these lopsided sea creatures have a pair of mismatched eyes -- a tiny black eye on one side and a bulging yellow eye on the other. This helps these cockeyed squids, also known by the scientific name Histioteuthis heteropsis, to see in different light conditions, recognizing shadows from ambient light above and bioluminescence from creatures found in the dark depths below.

The wonderful world of the squid:

  • Scientists have identified more than 300 species of squid. Squid are strong swimmers and certain species can "fly" for short distances out of the water.
  • The eyes of the colossal squid are larger than those of any other creature on Earth. It is also the largest species of squid in the world, weighing as much as 1,000 pounds (454 kg).
  • The vampire squid has long arms that flow like a black cape, resembling a vampire‚Äôs cloak.
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