Why Does a Cat Sometimes Leave One Treat behind?

Cat owners may have noticed that their pet sometimes leaves a single treat behind after snacking. Owners may have assumed that this is just clumsy behavior, but there is actually a very good reason behind it. Cats sometimes leave a treat behind because they have a small blind spot directly under their noses, so they can't see the food in that spot.

Cats do have excellent vision, as many of us have observed when our pet cat detects a tiny insect on a faraway wall. Their vision however, is tuned specifically for the detection of movement. Since cats are nocturnal hunters, they require the best of vision at night time. They have slightly weaker vision during the day and a small blind spot right in front of them. So they are likely to miss the treats that fall in the blind spot.

More about cats:

  • If a domestic cat has his or her tail in an upright position, it means that the cat is in a happy and friendly mood.
  • Cats have about 470 taste buds which is far fewer than what humans and dogs have.
  • Whiskers allow a cat to determine whether he or she will fit into a particular space.

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