Why do Bulls get Angry at the Color Red?

Bulls don't get angry at the sight of the color red — in fact, color doesn't have anything to do with it. Instead, bulls are attracted to movement and will charge at whatever moves the most, regardless of what color it is. That is why most bulls won't even charge at matadors unless they start to wave their cape.

More facts about bulls:

  • A grown bull can toss a grown man more than 30 feet (about 10 m) into the air.

  • On average, 200-300 people are injured each year during the famous Running of the Bulls in Pamploma, Spain, though most of these injuries occur because of falls rather than bull attacks. Since 1910, unly 15 people have died during the Running of the Bulls.

  • Many species of bulls are not overly aggressive. Bulls from dairy cow breeds tend to be more aggressive than those from beef breeds, though, and Spanish fighting bulls are especially bred to be aggressive and energetic.
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