Who Invented the Catflap?

The catflap was reportedly invented by Sir Isaac Newton, although that claim is disputed by some of his biographers. However, there are two holes in the door of his house that are said to be the first catflaps. The catflap has come a long way since its simple origins — now there are flaps that operate via a sensor attached to the cat's collar and open only when the cat is near, which keeps out other animals.

More facts about Isaac Newton:

  • Newton was not knighted for his scientific and mathematical discoveries but for his work at the royal mint and his numerous political activities.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Newton wrote more about the Bible than about math or science. He was fascinated with studying the Bible and trying to derive codes and secrets from it.

  • The story of the falling apple being the inspiration for Newton's theory of gravity is probably fictionalized. The story was first spread by the French author Voltaire.
More Info: www.newton.ac.uk

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