Which Weighs More: the World's Human or Livestock Population?

The combined weight of all of the livestock in the world is about double the weight of all humans on Earth. The average human weighs about 143 pounds (or 65 kg) and collectively, at about 7 billion people in the world, that's very roughly 1 trillion pounds (or 453 billion kg) of collective human weight in the world. The collective livestock weight in the world is about 2 trillion pounds or over 900 billion kg. There are an estimated 1.3 billion cows, 19 billion chickens, 940 million pigs, and around a billion sheep, as well as goats and other livestock.

More about livestock:

  • While livestock scales are the most accurate way of measuring the weight of farm animals, it is also possible to determine, relatively well, an animal's body weight by taking various measurements and plugging them into a mathematical formula. For instance, the formula for determining a pig's weight in pounds is the measurement from its ears to tail multiplied by 2 times the circumference of its body divided by 400.

  • There are about three chickens per person in the world.

  • The land used for livestock is a little more than 7 times that used to grow crops for humans.
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I feel so sorry for the livestock. All these innocent lives will be eaten by the greedy humans. Madhava P.

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