Which Is the Fastest Creature on Earth?

The fastest creature on Earth is the hat throwing fungus, which ejects its reproductive cells — known as spores — at an acceleration rate of 0 45 mph (72.42 kph) within the first millimeter of flight. Other creatures’ speeds typically depend on the mode of travel. For example, the peregrine falcon is the fastest air creature, and it can dive in pursuit of prey at 242 miles (389 km) per hour. The cheetah is the fastest land animal with a sprinting pace of 70 miles (113 km) per hour. The fastest water creature is the sailfish, which can swim as fast as 68 miles (109 km) per hour.

More about the fastest creatures:

  • The hat thrower fungus’ spore ejection acceleration rate is 20,000 times faster than the rate of gravity.

  • Greyhound race dogs can maintain a pace 35 miles (55.33 km) per hour for 7 miles (11 km), meaning that they could win a distance race with cheetahs, who can maintain their top speed for only about 300 yards (274 m).

  • In terms of regular flight, the swift is faster than the peregrine falcon, at a top speed of 106 miles (171 km) per hour, compared with the 69 mph (112 km/h) flying speed of the peregrine falcon.
More Info: nationalgeographic.com

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How cool to learn more about the fastest living creatures. Thanks Wise Geek. --

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Does anyone know the reason that the hat thrower fungus spores travel so fast, what their target is and why that speed increases their chance of proliferation?

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