Which Bird Lays the Largest Eggs for Its Size?

The kiwi is the bird that lays the largest eggs for its size. On average, the kiwi lays eggs that about 20% of the mother’s size. Although the kiwi is about the same size as a chicken, it lays eggs that are roughly six times larger. Although it is not known why the kiwi lays such large eggs in proportion to its body size, a generally accepted theory is that the species used to be larger. It is thought that the kiwi gradually became smaller over time, while its eggs remained the previous size, but it is not known why.

More about kiwi eggs:

  • Kiwi eggs are 65% yolk, in comparison with 35-40% for other bird eggs, on average.

  • The female kiwi can lay as many as 100 eggs in her lifetime, or about two per year.

  • In the days before she lays an egg, the female kiwi generally fasts simply because there is no more room in her midsection for any food.
More Info: kiwisforkiwi.org

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Wow, kiwis live to be 50 years old. That's impressive.


@Krunchyman - Yes, they still do exist. Whoever said that they were extinct? Unless you're thinking of dodo birds. If that's the case, then it's true that they don't exist anymore. They were pretty dumb if you ask me, ha ha.


Do kiwi birds still exist? I thought that they were still extinct.

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