Which Animals Can Recognize Their Own Reflection?

Relatively few animals have the ability to recognize their own reflection. The measurement for self-recognition is the mirror test, a psychological test developed by Gordon Gallup, Jr. Animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror include dolphins, orcas and elephants.

More on the mirror test:

  • Human children generally cannot recognize their own reflection until they are about 18 months old.

  • Some birds have passed the mirror test, including European magpies and trained pigeons, although it is not clear whether pigeons in general have the self-awareness to pass the test.

  • Gorillas have had difficulty with the test, although Koko, a gorilla that uses sign language, has passed it. Researchers suspect that gorillas' problems with the test might be because gorillas consider direct eye contact a sign of aggression.

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Discussion Comments


Pigeons can recognize themselves in the mirror, but cats can't recognize themselves at all.


I had a dog that would look at herself in the mirror whenever she got a new toy. seeing herself with the toy in her mouth was rather convincing that she was in fact checking herself out.


It would appear that cats often recognize themselves in the mirror. At first they look behind it as kittens and then seem to know it is themselves. Any proof or ideas?


I thought cats could also see themselves in a mirror! They have frontal lobes, just like humans. The problem is that it's only an image without other senses, like sound and smell, so beyond the first few times, the mirror image is ignored.


As a young girl I used to keep budgerigars/budgies as pets and clearly remember that one or the other male would "make love" to a mirror I had added to its cage watching it as it was actually reaching orgasm.

It may have recognized not itself, but it did recognize the reflection of another, hopefully female, bird, thus showing that the mirror image was acknowledged and reacted to? Bird brain!

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