What Unique Method Does the Giant Squid Use to Digest Food?

Giant squid live deep underwater and are rarely seen. Most of what scientists know about them comes from dead squid carcasses found floating in the sea. The largest squid ever recorded was almost 43 feet (13 m) in length, and weighed about a ton. They feed off fish, crustaceans, and other squid, and use a a tongue-like organ lined with serious teeth called a radula in order to cut their captured prey into bite-sized pieces. That’s because the giant squid’s esophagus runs through the middle of its donut-shaped brain, and only small bits can pass through.

What big eyes you have:

  • The squid’s esophagus is typically only .39 inches (10 mm) in diameter, so food passing through needs to be small, to minimize the risk of brain damage.
  • Giant squid snatch prey up to 33 feet (10 m) away by unleashing two feeding tentacles, which are armed with sharp-toothed suckers on the tips.
  • Its eyes are 1 foot (30 cm) in diameter, the largest in the animal kingdom. These large eyes help the squid absorb more light, and see better at great depths.
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