What Is the Largest Seed?

The largest seed comes from a type of palm tree known as the coco-de-mer, or Locoicea maldivica. Native to the Seychelles Islands of Praslin, the nut or seed can weigh as much as 39 pounds (17.6 kilograms). The coco-de-mer is known by a several other names, including the Maldive coconut, coco fesse and the Seychelles Island palm.

More facts about seeds:

  • Seeds are used not only for growing new plants, they also are consumed as snacks or used to manufacture oils, flours, alcohol and other edible foods. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are two popular examples.

  • Sunflowers also help control weed infestations. This is because the sunflower plant produces a natural toxin through the root system, helping to prevent the seeds of weeds from germinating.

  • Seed plants are divided into two categories. Gymnosperms are plants that produce naked seeds, or seeds that are not enclosed in some type of protective structure. Angiosperms are plants that produce seeds that are enclosed in some sort of structure. Spruce trees are examples of gymnosperms, and apple trees are examples of angiosperms.

More Info: http://plants.usda.gov

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