What Is the Heaviest Known Hailstone?

The heaviest known hailstone fell in the Gopalganj District of Bangladesh on 14 April 1986. The hailstone was recorded at a weight of 2.25 pounds (1.02 kg). It was said to be slightly larger than the average cantaloupe.

More facts about hailstones:

  • The largest hailstone to fall in the United States landed near Vivian, South Dakota, in July 2010. The stone measured 8 inches (about 20 cm) across and weighed 1.94 pounds (0.88 kg).

  • Scientists believe that the worst hailstorm in terms of the loss of life occurred in India during the ninth century, around the year 850, as a group of travelers were crossing through what is now a valley near Roopkund, India. Remains of 200 individuals have been found in the valley, all dating to the same period and with similar injuries on the heads and shoulders. A local folk song tells the tale of how a goddess was angered by the crossing of outsiders in her sanctuary and sent death in the form of ice stones that were as hard as iron.

  • The United States is home to what is known as a hail belt, a region where hail falls more often. It includes the states of Colorado and Texas, along with sections of other states in that region, such as Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.

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