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What is a White Eyed Conure?

A White Eyed Conure is a vibrant parrot species, known for its playful personality and the distinctive white rings around its eyes. These social birds thrive on interaction and are a favorite among avian enthusiasts for their intelligence and affectionate nature. Discover how these charming creatures can brighten your life—what unique qualities does your feathered friend possess?
Melanie Smeltzer
Melanie Smeltzer

The white eyed conure, also occasionally called the white eyed parakeet, is a parrot that is a member of the Psittacidae family and Aratinga genus. These birds are native to South America, and can be found in the forests and woodlands of northern Argentina and eastern Venezuela, Uruguay, and Colombia. White eyed conures are generally bright green in hue, with red and yellow plumage on the underside of their wings, and a characteristic white ring that surrounds their eyes. As these birds are generally social creatures, they are often kept as pets.

Though smaller than other varieties of parrots, the white eyed conure typically stands a relatively tall 12 inches (30cm) in height. It is predominantly green in color, but also bears red feathers that appear near the chest and neck. The underside of its wings are commonly yellow with bright red tips. Young birds will not usually bear this bright plumage until they have reached maturity.


The conservation status of these birds is considered of “least concern.” Despite this, they are not entirely common, as they are not as frequently bred as their more colorful counterparts. Many feel that this is unfortunate, as the white eyed conure is widely considered to be a friendly, sociable creature that can make for an interesting pet. These types of parrots are usually talkative, often mimicking the speech of those around them. They do not generally screech, and are usually not destructive.

Intellect and playfulness are other key features of the white eyed conure. Inquisitive by nature, these birds are said to be easy to teach. As they are prone to mimicking, many find that it is easy to teach them a relatively wide vocabulary. When these parrots develop trust with their owners, they may also be trained to do a number of simple tricks.

Although these parrots can become good pets, the white eyed conure may not be the best bird for first-time owners. As with most young birds, they may develop certain behavioral problems such as undesirable chewing, as well as nipping or biting. Though they are generally more talkative, some may fall into the habit of loud screeching or screaming.

White eyed conures also require a significant amount of attention and playful stimulation. When left unattended they may develop bad habits or become lonely. If not mentally stimulated, these birds can become depressed or even physically ill.

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