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What Is a Gold Angelfish?

A Gold Angelfish is a captivating freshwater fish, renowned for its shimmering golden hue and elegant, wing-like fins. This peaceful species adds a touch of grace to any aquarium. With proper care, they can be a delightful addition to your aquatic family. Curious about how to nurture these aquatic gems? Dive deeper into the world of Gold Angelfish care with us.
Cindy Quarters
Cindy Quarters

Angelfish are large, showy fish that are popular with many aquarium enthusiasts. One type of saltwater angelfish is called the golden angelfish, because of its rich golden-orange color. This fish should not be confused with the gold angelfish, which is a freshwater fish. The gold angelfish is a color variation of the more common white or silver marbled angelfish.

The main color of this angelfish is a bright yellowish-white on most of the body. Darker golden-orange markings are found on the head and fins. These, as well as the many other varieties of angelfish available, add beauty and drama to larger aquariums.

Fox-faced rabbitfish are good tank mates for angelfish.
Fox-faced rabbitfish are good tank mates for angelfish.

The body shape of all angelfish is distinctly round, with trailing fins coming off of both the top and the bottom of its body. These fins are triangular and are quite long. They develop even longer, wispy ends as the fish gets older. The fins are very light in color and are semi-transparent, adding an ethereal quality to this fish. Gold angelfish will grow to about 6 inches (about 15 cm) in overall size.

Like others of its species the gold angelfish is very thin, allowing it to slip easily between plants and other underwater obstacles in order to hide and to forage for food. The overall impression of a gold angelfish is that of a large, shiny coin with long fins and a tail added onto it. Angelfish also have two trailing ventral fins in the front of their bodies, near their heads. The ventral fins of the gold angelfish are white or very light, like the rest of its fins.

Gold angelfish usually thrive l in large tanks and are a stunning sight when kept in a school of four to seven fish. It is often considered to be an aggressive fish and therefore not a good choice for inclusion in an aquarium with many smaller fish, but this is not always true. Angelfish will get along with many other kinds of fish, such as platies and neon tetras. Often the issues with compatibility in the aquarium are more about the fish that will harm gold angelfish. Barbs may nip off the long fins, and kissing gouramis have been known to remove the eyes from angelfish, though buying fish of a similar size can help to minimize problems.

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    • Fox-faced rabbitfish are good tank mates for angelfish.
      Fox-faced rabbitfish are good tank mates for angelfish.