How Often Do Snakes Blink?

How can you tell if a snake is asleep? That can be difficult to determine, since snakes don't have eyelids and can't blink or close their eyes. Most snakes are nocturnal, so most sleep during the day -- they get an average of 10 hours each day. A snake's eyes also contract while it sleeps, so you probably can tell if it's nap time by examining a snake's pupils.

More about snake eyes:

  • Each eye is covered with a single clear eye scale, called a “spectacle.” These eye scales protect the eyes from injury and prevent them from drying out.
  • Snakes tend to shed their entire skin in one piece, and during this process they also regenerate their spectacles.
  • Snakes can’t see very well. They tend to notice objects when there is movement. Their most powerful sense is smell.
More Info: San Diego Zoo

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