How Much Damage Do Birds Cause to Planes?

Birds cause on average $1.2 billion of damage to commercial aircraft worldwide. Within the US, that figure is estimated to be as much as $715 million per year. The largest perpetrators are sea gulls and geese that tend to get sucked into jet engines and crash into windscreens. The collision between a bird and an aircraft is called a bird strike.

More about birds and airplanes:

  • The JFK airport in New York City has the highest bird accident incidence rate in the United States.
  • A team of falcons, and falconers who train them, is sometimes used by airports to keep geese and sea gulls away from the runways.
  • Most bird strikes happen during aircraft takeoff or landing.
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Hmm. Maybe airplanes causing damage to the bird population?


So let's see. The birds have been living in the Idlewild wetlands area of Queens for millions of years, then mankind in its infinite wisdom builds an airport there and has the nerve to say the birds are causing problems? Someone has a bird brain here and it's not the birds.

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