How Long is the Largest Beaver Dam?

The longest beaver dam in the world is 2,800 feet (853 meters) long. It's more than twice as long as the Hoover Dam in between Nevada and Arizona, which is 1,244 feet (379 meters) long. The dam was discovered from space using Google Earth and scientists estimate the beavers have been hard at work on the dam since the 1970s. The second longest beaver dam was discovered in 2007, also using Google Earth. It is 2,790 feet (850 meters) long and likely under construction for about 25 years.

More Dam Facts:

  • The second longest beaver dam, located in Canada, has two side beaver dams also under construction. If the beavers were to join the three dams, the total length would be about 3,280 feet (1 kilometer) long.

  • Average beaver dams range from 15 feet (4.5 meters) to 328 feet (100 meters).

  • It takes a beaver about 20 minutes to fell a 6-inch (15.2-centimeter) thick aspen tree.
More Info: EcoInformatics; Discovery News

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