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How do I Keep Goats As Pets?

Keeping goats as pets requires commitment to their unique needs, including spacious outdoor enclosures, proper nutrition, and companionship. They thrive on interaction and need mental stimulation. Regular veterinary care is essential to maintain their health. Wondering how to create the perfect environment for your new goat friends? Let's uncover the essentials of goat care together. What could your goat's ideal home look like?
Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Keeping goats as pets can be rewarding for children and adults alike. Goats can be friendly animals, although they usually do not display as much affections as other pets. Moreover, taking care of a goat is relatively easy once the initial habitat has been set up, and the goats themselves can provide easy lawn maintenance with grazing. In addition to helpful grazing, some pet goats are also used for practical purposes such as hobby milk production.

The first thing to investigate before purchasing a pet goat is whether goats are allowed in the area. Keeping goats as pets is not permitted in some urban areas, while other municipalities require special permits for goat owners. Additionally, it may be worth investigating whether the yard is large enough to sustain a goat. The amount of land needed depends on the kind of goat being purchased, as well as individual philosophies on goat raising.

A young goat.
A young goat.

Goats need to be fenced in, so it's important that the area where the goat lives has a sufficiently high fence. Goat tethering is not recommended — the animal can often strangle itself. Goats can live harmoniously with other species if all animals involved react well, so they need not take over the entire yard. Goats often live with sheep and other livestock, but it is important to keep an eye on the animals and make sure they do well together in order to prevent unfortunate accidents. Some goats do very well with dogs and other household animals, while others are greatly disturbed by the presence of domesticated animals, so this is largely a matter of experimentation.

One major purchase required for keeping goats as pets is the goat's house, as it will require a shelter. While goats are hardy, they do need a place to get out of the elements when needed. This can be as simple as a three-sided shelter, or as complex as a small barn. The type of shelter needed also depends on the climate in the area where the goats are kep.

Beyond food and water, there aren't many other requirements for keeping goats as pets. Food can be purchased at feed stores, and water can be supplied in buckets placed where the goat can reach them. The animals themselves can be purchased from breeders, farms, and sometimes auctions. The sellers of the goats may even have special advice for the new pet goat owners, given their experience with the animals. It is always a benefit to have a person with experience raising goats available for advice, so it may be advisable to buy the goat from someone who would be willing to answer the occasional question about pet goats.

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    • A young goat.
      By: Gerhard Seybert
      A young goat.