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How Do I Choose the Best Food for a Gecko?

Selecting the best food for your gecko involves understanding its species-specific dietary needs. Offer a balanced mix of insects, like crickets and mealworms, dusted with essential vitamins and minerals. For fruit-eating geckos, provide a variety of purees. Always ensure fresh water is available. Curious about tailoring the perfect diet for your gecko's vibrant health? Dive deeper with us.
Jackie Myers
Jackie Myers

It is important to choose nutritious food for a gecko to ensure a healthy life. The most abundant foods found in a gecko's natural habitat are insects. Geckos are predators that hunt for their food and will most likely eat anything they catch, but the main source of food for a gecko is crickets. Owners may give geckos vitamin supplements in addition to insects.

When compared to other insects, crickets are the most nutritious for geckos. When choosing crickets as food for a gecko, select the smaller ones. Geckos have a difficult time handling crickets that are too big. Always pick the crickets that are smaller than the gecko's head. It is necessary to feed the crickets before feeding them to the gecko. This process is referred to as gut loading and allows the gecko to absorb more nutrients from the cricket.

Crickets are the best insect food for geckos.
Crickets are the best insect food for geckos.

Owners may feed the crickets commercial cricket food, dried dog food, or vegetables. The crickets may also be dusted with a calcium supplement powder before feeding. It can give geckos the extra boost in vitamins they need. Experts recommend only dusting the crickets with calcium powder every other day. Crickets should be fed 12 to 24 hours before feeding to geckos.

It is best to feed geckos crickets that can be eaten within 15 to 30 minutes. Crickets may be difficult for some geckos to catch and eat, and some owners may choose to remove the rear jumping legs of the cricket to make it easier to catch. If there are too many crickets left in the cage, it can disturb the sleeping pattern of the gecko.

Wax worms are a popular food for a gecko to eat. Experts recommend only serving wax worms to geckos as a treat. These worms contain high amounts of fat and can also be useful in helping a sick gecko gain weight. Wax worms should never become part of the main diet for a gecko.

As with all pets, it is necessary to provide clean drinking water at all times. Geckos come from a naturally dry environment, and most gecko cages have a heating element. The bowl should be placed away from the heat source. If owners place the water bowl underneath the heat lamp, the water can evaporate too quickly. Crickets can drown in the water bowls, but placing a rock in the middle of the dish can prevent this from occurring.

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    • Crickets are the best insect food for geckos.
      By: viter
      Crickets are the best insect food for geckos.