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How Do I Choose the Best Corn Snake Breeder?

Selecting the best corn snake breeder is crucial for a healthy pet. Look for breeders with a reputation for ethical practices, healthy snake lineage, and transparent communication. Ensure they provide detailed care instructions and support. A good breeder's commitment to their snakes' well-being is a sign of quality. Wondering what specific questions to ask them? Continue reading to become an informed adopter.
Larry Ray Palmer
Larry Ray Palmer

Pet reptiles have become very popular in many parts of the world and pet snakes, such as the corn snake, are becoming quite common. While these pet snakes can be found in many pet shops that specialize in reptiles, responsible pet owners often want to know more about the suppliers of their new corn snakes. This quest for information often leads back to the corn snake breeder, many of whom have been successfully breeding and supplying these snakes to shops for many years. Finding these successful corn snake breeders can often be the starting point of finding a well-adapted and healthy pet.

When looking for a corn snake breeder, the search can often be as simple as asking a few questions. Many pet shops will be reluctant to share the names of their breeders unless the breeder has established a contract to only sell snakes through the shop. To find the best corn snake breeders, one can locate the local herpetology groups and, in many cases, may find several excellent breeders amongst the group's membership or find the name of the corn snake breeder who sold the snakes owned by the group's members.

Corn snakes are becoming increasingly popular as pets.
Corn snakes are becoming increasingly popular as pets.

Once the names and locations of specific corn snake breeders have been established, the next step is determining which breeders produce the best snakes. As a general rule, pet snakes that come from smaller breeding operations tend to be handled on a more regular basis, resulting in a more docile reptile. Large scale breeding facilities can often provide a larger variety of corn snakes at a lower cost but the lack of handling can make these snakes difficult for first time reptile owners.

Corn snakes feed on mice.
Corn snakes feed on mice.

If it is possible for the pet buyer to visit the corn snake breeder's facility, there are several visual cues to look for in regard to the housing of the animals. Responsible breeders will have ample cages and equipment for the animals they work with. Each cage will have its own water dish with fresh, clean water and the cages will be the appropriate size for the reptiles they hold.

Further inspection of the snakes themselves will yield even greater evidence of the best corn snake breeder operations. Unless the snake is preparing for a shed, it should have bright, vivid coloration of the skin. The eyes of the snake should be clear, rather than cloudy. The snakes should appear well fed, rather than excessively thin or sickly looking. If it is possible to handle the snakes while touring the facility, the animals should be easy to pick up and not intimidated by handling. By paying careful attention to making these observations, you can easily find the best corn snake breeders in your area.

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@raynbow- Thank you for the tip. I bought a corn snake at a pet store once, and I wasn't able to get any information about the snake breeder. When I went to an individual breeder, I was able to get a lot of good information. Sometimes people who breed snakes on a small-time basis have the most passion and take the best care of the animals.


If you can find a breeder who loves corn snakes and understands the species, you will be sure to get quality pets. Like the article advises, ask questions of anyone who breeds snakes before you purchase your pets. If possible, you should also visit the corn snake breeding facility so you will be able to determine the type of care the animals have received. The better the care, the healthier the snakes will be.

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    • Corn snakes are becoming increasingly popular as pets.
      By: KJ Lodrigue, Jr.
      Corn snakes are becoming increasingly popular as pets.
    • Corn snakes feed on mice.
      By: Rafal Kucharek
      Corn snakes feed on mice.