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How Do I Care for Guinea Pig Teeth?

Caring for guinea pig teeth is crucial as they constantly grow. Provide unlimited hay for chewing, which naturally grinds their teeth down. Include vitamin C-rich foods to prevent dental disease. Regular check-ups with a vet ensure their teeth are healthy. Wondering what else can keep your furry friend's smile bright? Join us as we uncover more tips for optimal guinea pig dental health.
Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

Guinea pig teeth grow continuously, which means they require special care and attention. Most importantly, they must be kept at an appropriate length. Knowing of specific conditions, including broken teeth or malocclusion, can help prevent or halt problems and allow for proper care of the guinea pig. Providing certain toys and food, doing frequent mouth checks and having a specialized vet are some ways to help keep the teeth in good shape. This plays a huge part in the guinea pig getting adequate nutrition and maintaining good health.

The teeth in the front, also known as the incisors, must come together and not curve. This formation of the guinea pig's teeth help the animal properly grasp food. When they don't evenly meet, the teeth can grow at an angle, become pointed and uneven and overgrow.

A veterinarian may be required to trim a guinea pig's teeth.
A veterinarian may be required to trim a guinea pig's teeth.

Malocclusion is when the teeth don't meet evenly and don't allow for a proper bite. Signs of this condition include the mouth hanging open slightly, weight loss and difficulty eating or not eating at all. The vet can usually trim the teeth — including the molars in the back if necessary — to alleviate the discomfort.

Broken teeth, which can happen due to an accident, chewing or fall, are another issue that can affect guinea pig teeth. When this happens, it's vital to keep a close watch to make sure the guinea pig can still eat properly, and it may require you to chop up the food. If there is a hole as a result of the broken tooth, call the vet to get advice on how to handle the individual situation. The tooth will typically grow back within a few weeks.

Guinea pigs require some basic maintenance.
Guinea pigs require some basic maintenance.

Biting and gnawing helps to keep guinea pig teeth even and at a good level. Branches, chewing toys and abrasive foods can help the teeth wear down naturally. If there are any issues that require the teeth to be trimmed, including severely broken or curved teeth, make sure to go to a vet specialized in dealing with guinea pig teeth.

Issues regarding guinea pig teeth can cause the animal to have poor nutrition. They can eventually stop eating, which may result in starvation. Become familiar with how your guinea pig typically eats and do a daily check of the teeth to ensure they are in good condition. It's also advantageous to weigh the animal every week — changes in weight can signify a problem that requires a vet's attention.

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I had a guinea pig as a pet one time, and I had to learn to keep hard pellet foods, a salt wheel and a few hard toys in the cage so he could keep his teeth filed down.


When I owned guinea pigs, I took them to a local veterinarian who specialized in exotic animals. That's an important distinction to make, since many veterinarians tend to limit their practice to dogs and cats. The vet would usually examine my guinea pigs' teeth and use a pair of special clippers to cut them back if necessary. I couldn't watch him do it, but he said it was like getting our fingernails clipped. The animal wasn't in much pain at all.

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    • A veterinarian may be required to trim a guinea pig's teeth.
      By: Belkin & Co
      A veterinarian may be required to trim a guinea pig's teeth.
    • Guinea pigs require some basic maintenance.
      By: mariesacha
      Guinea pigs require some basic maintenance.
    • A guinea pig's teeth require special care and attention.
      By: Magalice
      A guinea pig's teeth require special care and attention.