How can I Remove Skunk Odor from a Dog? (with pictures)

A skunk has one of the worst odors on the planet.
A skunk has one of the worst odors on the planet.

If a skunk sprays your dog, it is important to wash your pet as soon as possible to remove the spray and prevent its transfer to your carpets, bedding, and furniture. Simple soap and water or standard dog shampoo won't neutralize skunk odor. Rinse or wipe as much spray off the dog as you can, then follow up with a commercial skunk odor shampoo or a blend of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap, followed by a standard pet shampoo. While this is something that you can probably do on your own, if you have asthma or are very sensitive to skunk musk, you may need to use the services of a professional dog groomer.

Commercial Treatments

Man putting on rubber gloves.
Man putting on rubber gloves.

Pet stores usually sell special shampoos intended for use on dogs or cats that have been "skunked." These products tend to be pretty effective, and often use a blend of enzymes to neutralize the skunk odor and remove it. Follow the instructions carefully and do not get the shampoo in your dog's eyes or mouth, and do not let your dog lick it off his fur. Many stores also sell household cleaners and sprays for deodorizing carpets and furniture, which are not always suitable for use on an animal, so make sure that you're using one specifically made for pets. If you know that your pet has very sensitive skin, you may want to ask your vet for a product recommendation.

Homemade Treatments

Contrary to popular belief, tomato juice is not a particularly effective deodorizing treatment. While tomato juice can cause olfactory fatigue by overwhelming your nose with its own scent, it is not a permanent treatment.

A dog being washed.
A dog being washed.

Instead, many experts suggest that one of the best treatments is to use a recipe developed by chemist Paul Krebaum. It combines 1 quart (950 mL) fresh hydrogen peroxide, 0.25 cup (60 mL) of baking soda, and 1 or 2 teaspoons (5 or 10 mL) of liquid dish soap or laundry detergent. Mix these ingredients in an open container and do not attempt to store it for later use, as the chemical reaction between the peroxide and the baking soda may cause it to explode.

Application Tips

Washing a dog with dish soap combined with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will help to remove skunk odors it may have picked up.
Washing a dog with dish soap combined with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will help to remove skunk odors it may have picked up.

Right after mixing the deodorizing solution, put on rubber gloves and lather the solution over your dog's body. When treating the head and face, use a sponge or cloth dipped in the solution and be very careful not get it in the dog's eyes; treat the dog's head last to prevent him from shaking off the solution. Let the mixture sit on the dog's fur for five minutes and then rinse it off. You may need to repeat the treatment several times if the odor remains, and then wash your dog with standard dog shampoo. Dry the dog with a towel or let him air dry, as heat from a blow dryer can bake residual skunk musk into the dog's fur and skin, resulting in a lingering smell.

Skunk Odor

Baking soda can be used in a mixture to remove skunk odor.
Baking soda can be used in a mixture to remove skunk odor.

A skunk's spray — actually a type of musk produced by its anal glands — is its primary defense against attackers. It can repel bears and can even cause temporary blindness, though there is no risk of permanent damage. Spray victims may also experience nausea and have trouble breathing if the musk is inhaled. Despite its foul smell, the effects on humans and domestic pets are generally temporary. If your dog's eyes appear to be irritated or you catch him frequently rubbing his face, however, take him to the vet for treatment.

Prevention Tips

Skunks are typically peaceful creatures and usually do not spray without provocation. Their supply of spray is limited to about five individual sprays, and it takes more than a week to replenish, so they would rather scare a predator than waste their musk. As a result, they usually hiss, tap their feet, and and bunch up their tails to scare away other animals. Unfortunately, dogs don't always understand these behaviors as warnings and may still approach, triggering the spray.

Possibly the best way to prevent your dog from getting sprayed is to discourage skunks from visiting your yard. They are primarily nocturnal, so be sure to remove pet food, birdseed, fallen fruit, and other things they can eat from your yard before nightfall. The great horned owl is a predator of skunks, so some experts advise adding plastic great horned owls to your garden décor as a deterrent.

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I tried dog oatmeal shampoo and Suave Clarifying Shampoo, and it worked to my surprise. At 3 a.m., she got sprayed and I stayed up trying to figure out what to do. This seemed to work. Remember to throw away the collar and towels. They will stink up your house!


My dog got skunked at 5 a.m. She came through the doggie dog and got right on my bed! I used the peroxide/baking soda bath and she is now tolerable, except she must have taken a direct shot in the mouth and her breath is awful. Any ideas what I can give her to eat or chew to help with this?


We have had this happen on more than one occasion. *Sigh.* We found a non-toxic product called Quick n Brite and decided to give it a try. I didn't like the mixtures I found online that you had to make sure they wouldn't explode or get in my dogs eyes.

Quick n Brite is actually an all purpose cleaner, but when we talked to a representative at the company they were very confident that it would work and it did! They have a blog post with step by step directions. Basically, you mix the concentrated Quick n Brite solution with water and spray it on your pet (or carpet or whatever else it gets onto) and let it sit then hose it off. I allow it to soak in on my dog for about 10 minutes before we rinse and we found that the longer it sits the better job it does. We also use this product to clean our dog (when he is not sprayed by skunks!) and it is great to make his fur soft and doesn't dry out his skin. Would recommend ordering this product as it is far better than anything we have tried.


I have to agree with the others who have tried the peroxide, baking soda and dish soap mixture. It worked very well. I put 2 applications on my dog before giving him a bath. He is 100 times better smelling.


I had tried using vinegars and strong cleaners and srubbed my carport like crazy.


getting ready for a 6 a.m. flight and at 9 p.m. the night before my indoor german shorthair got sprayed by a skunk. I was going to use tomato juice but decided to check on the internet first and it recommended the hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and dish soap. Happy to say it worked pretty well.

It took off about 95 percent of the smell and will be doing it again this morning. Not perfect but much better than tomato juice.


The best product out there for skunk and nasty odors is Fur Clean Deodorizing Pet Shampoo! It is a brand new product and I have used it on my dog because I was skeptical. No skunk smell or any other lingering dog smell, plus is smells so good. Try it you will love it! It is very effective in detangling and it is not harsh, unlike many other dog shampoos out there.


I found a much better way to use the peroxide solution.

a) Sprinkle dog lightly with Dawn detergent.

b) Sprinkle dog heavily with baking soda.

c) Pour hydrogen peroxide directly on the dog and rub.

d) Repeat several times.

e) Pour vanilla extract all over the dog, then bathe with normal doggie wash.

f) Rinse.

Works so much better than working up a solution and then applying it.


The peroxide, baking soda, dish soap mixture works great! It removes the skunk smell immediately. I work for a vet and this is the recipe we give to clients with sprayed dogs.

I just used it on my chocolate lab and it did the trick. However the peroxide can bleach their hair a bit, but it's better than smelling skunk.


Seriously amazing! Worked instantly (the peroxide mixture)! I loved the comment about your dog smelling better then before the skunk, so true! Thank you wisegeek for saving my life.


Another remedy given to me by our emergency pet clinic is to use Massengill douche. Yes, the feminine product. I have a white Samoyed Husky, very thick coat. Two applications of the product was very effective and greatly reducing the odor and removing most of the oil from her coat. Be sure to apply and remove the product in an outdoor area, preferably in a plastic tub or kiddie pool, and wear gloves. I now keep about four boxes of the stuff on hand.


Have to say some of these are making me howl. I was on the way to work and went to let dogs in and noticed the smell. I don't think she got it directly but she sure did stink.

I went to where I seen her barking and it was in her kennel. Well around her dog house she was digging, so I pulled it away and sure enough there was that critter. I didn't stick around very long. My wife said it did help the smell. I am stopping in the morning to get more peroxide. Will do it again.


Thank you, thank you for posting the baking soda mixture. It worked very well. Too bad I only had enough ingredients for half a mixture on hand though. I will stock up as this is the dog's third skunk spray in less than a month.The dog has obviously found the skunk home. You'd think after being sprayed three times, he would get a clue. Labs are great hunters, but they shouldn't be hunting skunks!


My dog got sprayed last night. I didn't want to deal with it so I just put him in the kennel over night. Unfortunately he still smells this morning (no help from the stench fairies). I went to the store picked up the supplies and returned home. I can't believe how well this remedy worked. I have tried the tomato juice in the past. It worked okay but for months after when the dog would get wet you could still smell skunk.

I actually think my Golden retriever smells better than before. As everyone knows about Goldens, if it stinks they are happy to roll in it and or eat it. Good Luck to all


At 6 a.m. this morning, both my jack russells decided to take on a skunk. they both got it right in the faces. I ran to local 24-hour store and bought four gallons of tomato juice. what a mess. after two baths for both of them, the smell was still there. found this on the internet and it works great. one bath and they are so much better. thank you very much.


Yesterday my dog was sprayed by a skunk, basically in the eye because her eye looked very irritated, so her whole head smells like skunk. She ran into my father's house and went all over his couch and rugs while we were running around trying to get her.

We've never handled a case like this so we had no time to look online. my brother immediately went into the bathroom and started washing her (which was a bad choice. You should try to wipe her down with paper towels to get all of the oils out). We washed her about five times so then we were on the internet and they said try tomato juice or mouthwash. We only had mouthwash in the house so we used that. It still didn't work! Then we read on the internet not to use tomato juice, that it does not work and makes the dog smell worse, so we washed out her eye.

My dad sprayed the house with white vinegar then came back to my house. My brother wanted to keep the dog in the garage for the night but i couldn't do that to her so I ran her upstairs and into my bathroom and I closed the door, opened the window and put down food and water and blankets (my dog is a jack Russel mini, by the way).

Then i was on the internet for two hours trying to figure out what to use. they said use baking soda and peroxide and dawn dish soap, so i did that and it still didn't work. I did it over and over and then i tried orange juice and still proceeded with peroxide. it did change her color though, a little bit, but don't worry – it's not permanent. By now the smell was starting to go away and remember, the smell is on her head and face so it's very hard to clean. I kept rinsing her afterward too.

She is still upstairs now and I'm about to go pour some apple cider vinegar on her because I hear it works. I feel so bad she is in the bathroom and my room is starting to smell now too, so i couldn't take it anymore. I went online and i got some skunk eliminator for $13, but for one-day shipping it's 17 percent, so that was like about $35 but i don't care. It's coming tomorrow and i really hope it works because I can't take her being in the bathroom anymore and I can't take the smell.

When your dog is first encountered by a skunk, don't panic like I did. Be calm and wash her with peroxide, baking soda and dawn dish soap, put her in the bathroom with the door closed and the window a little open and put towels under the door. Then go to bed and worry about it more in the morning. I just wan to know what else i can do to get the odor off tonight? and i hope i helped.


For your pets, use Technu. It is sold at Walgreen's in the poison ivy/oak treatment section. It truly works and is not too expensive.

Chuck Shrum

tomato juice does work and it works well. you don't leave it on the dog; you bathe the dog in it then use dog shampoo. just did it an hour ago. inside dog, so it has to work.


Well, I just used a product sold at Petsmart called Nature's Miracle Skunk something or other. It says to use it full strength then let it dry on the dog (enzyme-based). I'll report back. I bought baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to use as plan B.


Absolutely do not use tomato juice! It makes them smell worse (If that’s actually possible).

I was caring for my cousin who, after a car accident, was confined to a hospital bed in my living room. Then “it” happened. Skunk got both dogs, (100 pound german shepherd/husky cross, and 40 pound pug cross)

Both dogs came rushing into the house and into the living room, just as we smelled the burnt tire/skunk smell. Poor Abby! No way for her to escape the odor! My hubby and I rushed them into the shower and doused them with tomato juice. Now they smelled even worse! Still burning our eyes and everything!

I didn’t know what else to try so I banished them to outside. But, their pen surrounds the entire living room. (In the front and past the windows on both sides of our mobile home).

Since my computer was broken at the time, it was the next afternoon before I found out about the peroxide, baking soda and dawn. It worked great! It did take three baths each since I didn’t have the info from this excellent website. Sure wish I could have found this site earlier, but I am definitely armed if it should happen again!

Points to remember:

1. Immediately use paper towels to wipe off as much of the oil as possible!

2. Use peroxide mix. Immediately after mixing. (Very important.)

3. Mineral oil in the eyes helps protect from the soap and chemicals.

4. Vanilla or bleach soaked cotton balls help house odor.

5. Boil vinegar and water to help house smell. (Stinks, but doesn’t burn your eyes like skunk smell!)

A few more things I learned from this site:

1. (Post no. 73) "bon-cc-41 is the best! (You add it to the paint to not have that lingering paint odor)." -Anon78862

2. (Post no. 72) “poured milk directly in her eyes and kind of up her nose.” (Stops the burning when sprayed in the face) -anon86326

3. Feminine hygiene douche seems to work to de-smell pet.

Rofl! (Rolling on floor laughing) about post made by - anon123121: "Fifth time. Someone want to argue how smart labs are?"

Answer: nope. No arguments there!


My dog got sprayed by a skunk one night when I had I let him out to pee, and I found what really worked to get the smell fast was using a bottle of feminine hygiene douche. You pour it on them and rub it in for like 5-10 mins and then wash off with Dawn dish detergent. It worked fast and the smell was gone completely.


I am a farmer and have three outside dogs. They average getting sprayed at least once per month, most recently this morning just as day was breaking.

I keep all ingredients for the deskunking solution on hand at all times. I turned the heat on in the shop (which has a floor drain) bathed all of them with the hydrogen peroxide solution, rinsed with copious amounts of warm water, followed that with an oatmeal doggie wash and they still stink to high heaven.

I wish I could say otherwise, but in over 60 years of living on a farm and having had this happen, literally dozens of times I will have to say that not this formula or anything else has every worked very effectively for me.

The only thing that I've ever found that completely eliminates the skunk odor is time -- lots of time. Glad it worked well for many of you, though.


The best and only way to clean my dog after a skunk spray! --Leo


Actually the best and cheapest way I have found to remove skunk from my dog is to use baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap! Gets the smell out every time!


Some of these remedies work very well, however, the tomato juice is not the way to go. It is an old wives tale, and does nothing but make the dog smell like skunk and tomato (lovely mixture!) There are several widely available commercial preparations in the market, and all do an effective job. They are all pretty similar, they contain enzymes and surfactants to remove and neutralize organic odors. They are made to be put onto the skin, and will not harm the animal.

Some of the "homemade" concoctions can really do some damage, so please use common sense! Do not put anything caustic like bleach on an animal! The most important thing is to confine the dog until you can gather all of your information and supplies needed. Do not let them in the house !We learned this the hard way.

If you have dogs, always, and I do mean always, keep a bottle of commercial skunk odor eliminator on hand! If your dog is going to get it, I can almost guarantee that it will be in the middle of the night!

Follow the manufacturers instructions, and all will be fine!


poor dog, poor dog, poor dog. Yeah well my lab gets hit in the face/mouth about once a year (in the fall) and comes into the house drooling and foaming. Each drop of drool is like a miniature skunk spray so we try and mop them up asap (while the dogs are relegated to outside.

First time, about five times ago, we were worried but the vet said that, although it was an irritant, the dog would be fine). I think we almost contained this last hit (3:00 AM today) but I will get the pleasure of driving to Montana this evening with my lab.

Fifth time. Someone want to argue how smart labs are?


My dog just experienced his first skunk attack at 2 a.m. Got him in the face and eyes. Wasn't quite sure what to use and got on the net and started searching. Someone had mentioned TECNU the original outdoor skin cleanser.

Well, living out in the boonies--and having many things like poison oak, ivy, etc., O just happened to have a whole bottle on hand. Started to read what else it is good for and lo and behold--it states right on the bottle: "Tecnu can also remove skunk spray from your pet's fur." I had nothing to lose so got my greyhound mixed into the bath tub. Started putting on the TECNU all around where he was sprayed. I wanted to make sure I got everywhere so I used the whole bottle. LOL.

Then I used his own oatmeal etc shampoo and lathered him up really good. Man. I could not believe it, but the smell was entirely gone.

After rinsing him really well, we went outside for him to shake it off and then used paper towels to finish drying him off. Luckily I was able to keep the smell from getting anywhere else.

I highly recommend having TECNU on hand. I bought it at a Rite Aid Drugstore for about $11 for a 12 oz bottle. I always keep it on hand as I am always working outside. From now on, I will have two bottles on hand. Just had to add another recommendation for skunk odor removal.


Having never experienced a skunked dog, I immediately searched and found this site. This formula works great! I followed it with a tomato juice rinse and an oatmeal/aloe dog shampoo. He's as good as new!


My dog just got sprayed right in the mouth! She started foaming at the mouth and is acting very uncomfortable. What should I do?


Dog skunked at 5:30 this morning. peroxide formula worked. Tomato did not. was at work about five hours later thanks to this formula.


Velcro got skunked at 12:30 AM. With nothing in the house and not being able to walk, I brought him in and he proceeded to get into his bed, which is in mine. Anyway, the smell cleared my head and made some of my pains go away.

I don't understand the medicinal effects and don't want to try it again to find out how it works. Smell isn't too bad this morning.


I use Quick n Brite. It's an all purpose cleaner that is non toxic with no chemicals or fumes so you don't have to worry about getting it in your animals face or drying out their skin or fur. My dog has been smart enough to get sprayed more than once by skunks and Quick n Brite is by far the best (and safest!) thing I have used. It removed the odors the first time I used it and I am constantly recommending it to my friends.


Thank you for this post and our dog thanks you, too!


My Golden got sprayed tonight and found this recipe so tried it. I used Dawn with OXY as I had used it to wash up some spilled diesel fuel and it got rid of the fuel odor. I used several teaspoons. Seems the soap cuts the skunk oil and the baking soda and peroxide lifts it up so it doesn't stick to the fir. Great idea!


Yeah, this does seem to work, but it stings the skin. I'm not sure how our dog felt about having that on her. Once you wash it out, it seems fine, just make sure you wear gloves.


Our long haired mix got a full blast in the face, about 5 a.m. I researched while hubby had the pleasure of keeping the dog outside. I read of a baking soda rub with a beer chaser, so we tried it -- nothing. then pet fresh rub, still nothing.

Finally I found this site and viola, no smelly little dog. we followed this recipe and then a people shampoo after, and she is smelling great and loved the pampering! Found out later that vinegar douche is great too. Hopefully we won't have the opportunity to try that one!


My poor baby was super soaked tonight by a skunk around 12:30 a.m.! I had no idea until she came running into the house.

I didn't have all the items for the pet wash and have a child asleep and my husband is working! I looked on here and tried the vinegar douche and then washed the poor little thing in a mixture of dawn and water and it helped so much. As soon as morning comes I'm definitely going to get all the items for the wash in the morning, but she is smelling better already! Thank you all so much.


Thank goodness I found this post. I let my french bulldogs out tonight and then I saw our baby skunk was back. We thought he had left the area since we hadn't seen him in over a week.

Well, he got one of the dogs in the face. I raced to the store to get peroxide and baking soda and applied the solution. The smell seems to be almost completely gone. I might have to do it once more tomorrow. I had tried tomato juice many years ago on my GSP and it really didn't work. So thanks a million!


My neighbor had a family of skunks that dug a den underground about five feet from the edge of the street. We could sit and watch them come and go and the little ones play around the lawn.

My neighbor decided to get rid of them and put a whole box of mothballs down the hole one evening. The next morning when I was going to work there was a neat little pile of mothballs next to the fire hydrant. I thought it was so cute that they were in such a neat pile. My neighbor didn't find is as amusing.


Beware that this solution will cause blisters on your hands. My husband is currently rinsing off our dog. I pray the dog is OK and the smell is gone.


My dog got sprayed in the mouth and face. Can my dog die from being sprayed in the mouth? There was a lot of spit coming out, and it's all bubbly. I washed it all off of her coat. But how do i get it out of her mouth?


#44 made me think of something that happened last summer. About mothballs and critters that hate the smell of them. I had a possum living under my shed. I bought a five-pound box of mothballs and scattered them all under the shed.

The next morning I see all the mothballs scattered in my lawn. He had thrown each and every one of them out! So I threw them all back under there again and they were on the lawn again the next morning. I did this for four days and each time he threw them out from under the shed. I couldn't do it on the fifth day because we had a big thunderstorm so most of the mothballs kind of melted in the rain. What was left I threw back under there. When I didn't see them in the lawn the next day I was happy. It looked like he moved on. I was happy until I found out where he moved to. My crawlspace under the house!

I don't like him under there, but I read that having a possum on the property keeps skunks away. So better to have a possum than a skunk under my house.

P.S. Did you know that possums are immune to rattlesnake venom? I read that on some wildlife site. Very interesting.


We had the unfortunate experience last night of our husky and springer spaniel getting "skunked". All we had that evening was mouthwash so, we cleaned with that. I was amazed at how nice it worked to cut down on the stench! The dogs still smell a bit though (especially our Husky) so today we are going to try the "special mixture". Can't wait!

Oh! And the bleach around the house really worked! We can't smell the skunk spray at all in the house! All wonderful remedies and we were thankful to stumble upon them last night! Thank you! Thank you!


Our little mini schnauzer was sprayed in the middle of the night. The first thing we did was look up a remedy pronto and thank god we found this. It worked like a charm (although our baking soda was a little old and we didn't get the fizz effect that we expected) and after a few applications the odor was close to eliminated.

We also used vinegar initially with baking soda, as we didn't find the hydrogen peroxide right away. This seemed to work to a lesser degree.

Thanks to all the scientists out there who make our lives easier. Our little dog also says thanks!


The peroxide/baking soda/dish soap mixture works every time, though you may have to repeat. Don't waste time or money on anything else! Also the best measure is prevention! Get a floodlight so you can scan your yard for those stinkers before you let your dog out. Better yet, walk your dog on a leash. It only takes a matter of seconds to slip on a lead, and that my friends can save hours of time!


My Golden Retriever got sprayed this evening. He was sprayed about four years ago and I thought he might avoid skunks after that encounter, but nope. I picked up the mixture and went through the process. This works very well but I do wish my guy would learn from these encounters to stay away from the white striped critters.


This recipe rocks! Just saturated our poor border collie's neck and it worked great!


* 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide

* ¼ cup of baking soda

** 2 teaspoons of DAWN

** Listerine (on tough areas,

especially muzzle)

** Mineral oil eye drops

** Bathe in dog shampoo vanilla scented, outside if possible!

My boxer has a thing for chasing these little skunks around and she was sprayed twice in less than two weeks.

The second time around I found that a little more Dawn (dish soap) went a long way. I put the peroxide concoction on immediately with a wash cloth following the skunking (after applying the mineral eye drops) and let my dog spend the night outside chained to the porch.

In the morning the smell had subsided a bit so I proceeded with my second peroxide mixture. After I let it sit for about 20 minutes there was still a few areas that smelled, (muzzle especially), so I put Listerine on those specific areas and let that sit for another 20. I then proceeded with bathing my doggy with some vanilla scented shampoo and that worked beautifully.

These minor additions helped me tremendously from my first trial, and I hope this will serve many others as well!


omg my dog just got sprayed and i tried the tomato juice and it did not work. it just smelled like skunk and tomato juice. i found this and it worked like a charm! thank you so much! i also used boiled vinegar and water and put cotton pads soaked in vanilla extract in bowls all around my house. Thank you everyone!


My dog got sprayed last night. So this morning when i went out to feed her i almost passed out! I have never tried these things but I'm going to the store right now to get the stuff! Fingers crossed it works! Thanks a bunch!


My dog got sprayed in face and mouth and nose 10 minutes before i had to be out the door for work. It actually didn't smell like skunk at first, though it knew it must be. I knew about the peroxide combo thing, which totally works for the odor on the fur. With the burning sensation she was dealing with the only surefire relief I could think of on hand was milk. I poured milk directly in her eyes and kind of up her nose. She liked drinking it too, so it was no problem for getting rid of the taste she had. Within 30 seconds of me pouring it in her eyes she went from previously squinting and crying and snorting to being able to open her eyes and within a minute or two her eyes weren't watering anymore.

I don't think anyone else has posted the relief milk gives for this. I work with an aviation hydraulic fluid which, when in contact with eyes, is beyond misery and pain. Two things relieve this: pouring castor oil in the eyes (which we all keep in our toolboxes) or if not available, then milk is the next fix.

I knew it couldn't hurt my dog and it definitely relieved the burning she was dealing with, so add this to your peroxide combo notes. i wouldn't be putting seventh generation in my eyes and certainly not in my dogs' or any other combo.


BON-CC-41 is the best! I had some leftover from when I painted my house (you add it to the paint to not have that lingering paint odor).

After my dogs got sprayed, I came online to do research and kept coming across the BON-CC-41. I had no idea you could use it for skunk odor but it is very popular. It actually removed all the odor off my dogs are around the house. I was able to borrow a fogger from my father-in-law to get it around the house. After a full day of de-skunking, there was no odor left!


My 10 year old Chessie insists on not letting in intruders. Never had a problem with skunks until a couple of weeks ago. Let him out two weeks ago before my daughter's bedtime, and as he came through the door the wave of skunk odor hit us! Quickly got on the web to find this remedy, ran down to the store to get the supplies. I was surprised that it worked so well! Good thing I bought two quarts of hydrogen peroxide. he got blasted again last night! Thanks for the easy cure!


Thanks to all who posted ideas. I have compiled all the best ideas and put them in one post. I started with Simple Solution Stain and Odor Remover at 5am. (The stores don't open until 7 a.m. to get the hydrogen peroxide). I put this on the worst part of the dog and the carpet where the oil from the skunk was.

Here is the plan for anyone who has this problem:

1. Use paper towels to wipe off the spray from the dogs.

2. Mix one quart peroxide with 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of Dawn in a bucket.

3. Use a sponge to wet the dogs, especially around the muzzle and neck. Be careful not to get it into the eyes. Let it sit on the dogs 5-20 minutes.

4. While the dogs are wet, boil equal parts of vinegar and water in a saucepan on the stove. If you have fans, turn them on. Keep checking on the pan to make sure it has not boiled out. After about one hour the house should smell like vinegar, not skunk.

5. In ceramic bowls, saturate real vanilla extract on cotton balls. Place the bowls around the house, preferably in sunshine to further activate the vanilla.

6. Outside, if you can find the place where the skunk frequents, put mothballs down to discourage repeat visits. Skunks mate at night in February.

7. Then wash all your exposed clothes in the same mixture in the laundry adding regular detergent.

8. Finally you get to shower and hopefully be skunk free.


We were more fortunate in that our dogs got sprayed early in the morning about 7 a.m., when I let them out, but didn't know the critter was in the backyard. I ran to the grocery store, and got the supplies and made the solution. It took two washings with the solution on my pointer, as she got a direct hit, but my lab only needed one cleaning and the odor was greatly diminished on both dogs. This is a great inexpensive solution!


Thanks for this information. My dog just got sprayed (middle of the night) and it's winter and cold up here in the Rockies of BC and didn't want to leave my dog outside overnight. The peroxide mix worked OK but then I followed it by the vinegar mix and now he's on his bed inside and it's bearable. Yay, we can have a sleep now.


Tips for getting the smell out of your *house*:

- use the same peroxide combo to wash your floors

- put bowls of vanilla extract on cotton balls (or toilet paper) in every room.

I will try the bleach bowl tip next time, but the vanilla extract really worked to soak up the smell.


11:30 p.m. skunk attack. This mixture saved us. Long live the chemist! Thank you so much.


I love BON-CC-41. I'm so lucky I found it when I was searching!


What a fun collection of "My Dog Got Skunked!" stories. After my recent initiation ceremony with my GSP, I feel like I've joined a special fraternity. Dave


Thank you so much for this remedy.

My dog didn't get sprayed by a skunk, but instead she had a nasty reaction to some store bought cortisone spray. My only guess is that the oils of her body didn't mix well with the stuff. Not that it smelled too pleasant when I first sprayed it on anyway. But after it dried she smelled like sour milk and trash. I bathed her with all different types of shampoo and even sprayed her down in vinegar trying to neutralize it. This remedy is what finally took the odor away and made her smell like her dog self again! Thanks!


Wow, what a wonderful post, I took my dog out this morning at 5:30 and she made a beeline for the little black and white furry thing wobbling across the yard. After following it for a few feet with her nose in the critter's hind end, it had had enough and let rip with the defenses.

After a trip to the local Meijer store, while the dog was locked in the garage, and thinking about making a volcano science project in grammar school, I mixed the ingredients as instructed and it worked great on the first go round, reducing the odor dramatically. One more rinse and she is practically scent free, just a slight odor when you get really close to her nose.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Thank you very much! At 2:30 a.m. this morning, my bassett got sprayed by a shunk. Mixed up the solution and neutralized the odor/smell. One word of caution, gloves should be used with the solution. What a life saver. Thanks!


Sure enough, about 11 p.m. after a hard day's work and going to bed, The dog went out to pee and a huge skunk smell started outside the house. I knew what had happened. After swearing a lot I found this formula on the web. Had everything but the hydrogen peroxide so down to the cvs and back again and my wife and I in our bathing suits outside with our dear skunked dog. it's 40 degrees and we use this great stuff as directed. Dog's happy, I'm happy, wife's happy and going to bed. Thanks to the thoughtful chemist. Better living through chemistry. Skunk is probably happy too.


This solution does work wonders, the smell is gone almost immediately. The only problem is my dog has had skin problems ever since. He is always scratching and has really dry skin no matter what I do. He just got sprayed again this evening so to spare him more problems, I resorted to tomato juice and Skunk Off, better but not nearly as effective as the solution.


I just have to mention the best product I have ever found! BON-CC-41! There are no odors (not even a faint odor) left on my dog or in my house! I used it on my furniture, carpet and laundry and it completely got rid of all the odor. It is also very safe to use on pets (unlike the hydrogen method). Well worth the try! An extra tip, I added it to dawn dish soap and the combination on my dog worked great!


Nothing like coming home to dueling dogs and skunks. The skunks won, and I even saw them wobbling away. This solution was awesome, worked immediately saved us time and money. Thanks a bunch!


It was 10:30pm and my wife was letting our dog (St. Bernard) outside to go to the bathroom before going to bed. I was sitting watching a ball game when I heard my wife call loudly for our dog to "come." Turns out she spotted a black furry creature in the backyard and decided to trot over excitedly to sniff and say hello. Yep. It was a skunk and she got blasted right in the face. We didn't realize she had been sprayed until she had just entered the house. We managed to get her right back outside, but it was too late. The smell consumed the lower level of our house. We washed our dog with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. That seemed to do the trick. She still smells a bit, and we ordered the doggiekleen skunk spray by biocide systems to get rid of the rest. We're also using their "Room Shocker" to get rid of the smell in the house. I hate skunks now. Annoying and stinky little pests.


We also got to join the skunk club after our dog shot out the door after a little black and white kitty. Hopefully she learned something. Anyway, we used the above mixture and it worked like a charm! Thank you very much!


My dog got both barrels from the black and white creature that was hanging in our backyard. my first instinct was tomato juice. -- didn't work. next was Skunk Off for $30 from the vet -- didn't work. Then I discovered this recipe. Though the smell isn't completely gone it is tolerable. I have to say this remedy is as good as it's going to get.


Yep skunks are now my Public enemy no. 1. Bubba (our loving Great Dane mix) woke us up at 4:30 this morning barking like some one broke into our garage. After running outside to see what happened the odor hit us like a ton of bricks. There is no mistaking that smell. We tried the tomato juice and it worked for like five minutes then we washed him with Dawn and that helped for about 30 minutes. Finally we broke down and did a search on this issue and found this site. We used the recipe and thankfully it worked. Thank God for chemists. Plus Wisegeek is now at the top of my favorites list.


Okay, skunks suck! That being said, my german shepherd was sprayed (12:30 am) and after checking boards, off to walmart for peroxide and baking soda *but* they had a skunk and tough odor remover (pro-pet, $5) on the shelf, so i figured "can't hurt" and grabbed some apple scented shampoo with oatmeal in it, too. I still got the other stuff, just in case. I started cleaning her about two hours after the incident (and unfortunately she was in house whole time). The odor remover did not remove *all* the smell from the fur, but it did cut it considerably and the only part that is bad is the neck area, where it was mostly concentrated. May mix up some of the other stuff if just to try to get it all. As for my house, I sprinkled baking soda all over carpet (will let sit most of the day) and put vinegar on to heat and it is not so bad now, though that may be just masking the smell. I appreciate all the helpful tips. I could live the rest of my life without that happening again and it would be just dandy with me.


DoggiCLEEN Skunk Spray. It’s what the vets use and it works better and cheaper than peroxide, tomato juice and/or baking soda.


Works great! My cane corso got his dose of the skunk juice right in the face around 11 p.m. I found this site, and with a few rounds of the solution and he seems to be skunk-free :)thanks for this post and good luck to you all.


Awesome. Thank you so much - my baby found a baby skunk last night, and got herself a snout full. This formula cleared her right up. She still has a slight scent around her muzzle, but I can't smell it unless I get close up. Plus, her coat is soft and shiny - this may become her regular bath!


My Golden was chasing his glow-in-the-dark ball when he was sprayed by a skunk directly in the face and chest a few hours ago (9:30 p.m.). I rinsed his eyes with water for a few minutes then ran to the store for gallons of tomato juice. Wish I had read this info first. The tomato juice made a sticky mess of his fur and removed only about 50 percent of the very strong odor. He's asleep on towels on my bed now. In the morning I will get vinegar and baking soda to mix with dawn. In the meantime, my entire house *reeks*. I hate skunks!


My dog just got skunked. We immediately put her in the bath and lathered her up with dish soap. Three washings with the AJAX dish soap and then a washing with the dog shampoo and the smell is gone -- just that simple


So it's 11:11 pm... I can't sleep so I take a sleep aid, go downstairs for water, and the dog has to go outside. Didn't think anything of it. Then I thought I smelled something burning, so I put some shoes on to check the neighbors houses, then I see the dog staring at something... SKUNK!!! I yell at her to stay, which of course makes her charge the skunk. She got sprayed right in the face, eyes, and mouth. Unfortunately we didn't have peroxide. So I tried first water to flush out her eyes and nose. Then I used a little bit of Seventh Generation Free and Clear Dish Liquid to try to get the oil off, being careful not to get it in her eyes. Following that I used a staple in our house, "THE MASTERS" hand soap, which is found in art supply store and is used to get almost anything off of your hands. After that she was pretty much oil free but had a little smell left, so then I washed her with a Bath and Body Hemp Shampoo, which made the smell almost go away. Then rinsed her really well to make sure there was no chemicals left on her. She seems to be okay now at 12:03, but there is a little smell lingering, but much better than when we started. I'm going to try the peroxide/baking soda first thing when the stores open. I'll let you know how it works. -nick


My lhasa apso just got sprayed in the face - poor guy. Luckily this solution works, even on long fur and his facial area. I halved all the measurements of the mixture, just in case he needed to go for another round. But after the first round, he was odor-free. Thanks for the great recipe!


If you have skunks or possums under an outbuilding, you can toss in a few mothballs. Critters hate the smell. You can put them in a mesh bag with a string so you can retrieve them later if you want to. Some people hate the mothball smell almost as much as the skunk smell.


Will the peroxide bleach my black dog's coat?


This Post was amazing! I'm relieved that this was here. My friend got a pitbull to look after, (Cause some jerk abandoned her) and she smelled like a skunk. It was disgusting. So her and I tried everything besides tomato sauce (Cause really who actually believes that?) and then we came upon this post and I was ecstatic! We first tried the listerine thing because we didn't have peroxide. It helped but she still reeked. So i sent out someone to get peroxide and we made the solution. Lo and behold not ten minutes after drenching the poor thing in the stuff, (She was in pain and everything because the bottom of her paws are rubbed raw. Poor baby.) and she didn't smell! SO i on the behalf of that well behaved and beautiful Pitbull Thank you for this post. She is now stink free and on her way to recovering from the jerks whom abandoned her.


last week my puppy pitbull was trying to play with a skunk and got sprayed. we didn't even think to look anything up because we always heard the "tomato" juice. so we did that and it didn't work. i gave her a tomato bath three times in two days (she *hates& baths) and i felt terrible! after the third one i finished with using palmolive dish soap so she didn't smell like the juice. she still smelt a little. then today my other dog (rhodesian ridgeback) wanted to go potty one more time and i let him out and he started barking two minutes later. as soon as i even entered the room the door is in i smelt it and thought the puppy got it again but it was my other one!! who also hates baths. i felt terrible thinking i'd have to put him through that! so i found this and it worked surprisingly great. i did have to do it twice. i did one listerine and one baking soda one but the smell seems to be gone, even though the house smells *terrible*!

does anyone know how to get skunks to leave? we found that the little family is living under our deck!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't say it enough. My dog went out because he was acting like he really had to do one more potty run. I heard some commotion out back and called his name. He came running licking his lips like he just ate something. Then all of a sudden, I got this terrible smell like burned rubber and I don't know what else so I assumed he got a skunk and was frantic. It woke my two daughters out of a sound sleep. I frantically googled it to see what I could do for him and I finally found this concoction that I thought may be a gimmick but thought, "what will it hurt to try?" It worked wonders! I couldn't stand the smell of him and now he smells great. Once again, thank you. I stayed up all night trying to get it figured out as this happened at 3 a.m. Now I've just got to get the terrible smell out of my house! You are a lifesaver. Good night because I am going to bed. Thank you again and again.


My dog took the bullet for me tonight--I never saw the skunk but my dog followed me out to the mailbox at 9 PM and was suddenly running frantically around the yard. I don't have a sense of smell at all but I was gagging and choking. While I was on the internet looking for a concoction for the dog my boyfriend came in the house and told me I had been skunked, too. But when I stripped it was just on my clothing, so I think I must have walked through the skunky cloud, unknowingly? We had a quart of peroxide and baking soda and I used a "natural" dish soap, lathered her up w/ a little people shampoo to get a lather going, and applied the mixture w/ a sponge. I left it on for about 5-7 minutes and she is odor-free, (according to the BF). She got a hotdog as a reward for her cooperation. My clothes, the towels and the shower curtain are all in the wash w/ some vinegar and baking soda, so keeping my fingers crossed...


Our dog was sprayed two different times. She got indirect spray the first time and the perioxide, baking soda, Dawn formula greatly reduced odor. Next day we soaked her in vinegar before another shampoo and that worked. Next nigh, she got sprayed *again*. This time we started with a vinegar soak, followed by a paste of lemon juice and baking soda, then a straight application of Dawn detergent. After 1/2 hour, she got a regular wash with baby shampoo and we think the smell is gone. Thanks for the very needed info as to what we needed to do.


Would not have believed it if I didn't try it myself. Worked like a champ. I've tried other commercial de-skunking products and they never really worked. After 2 doses of this formula and about 45 minutes of my time, my dog smelled better than he ever did.....even before the skunk. Just use it, it works


we have a particularly bold skunk that is taking great fun in spraying our boxer (she thinks it is a sqauirrel). It's happened three times in as many weeks and I've tried everything. My granddaughter brought this up tonight and, while I've used the peroxide/Dawn/Baking soda mix, found the mouthwash to be particularly fantastic. It got rid of the residue smell on her muzzle. I'm going to put out the bowls of bleach to take the smell out of the house. I can't thank you enough for putting this on the web so I could use it in our time of need. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dawn is formulated different than other dish detergents and is the best thing to use here. Something about it cuts the oil differently. That's what they use to clean up the animals after an oil spill. It works the best.


I used to work in an animal hospital and this crazy lady brought in a dead skunk she wanted cremated. Someone put it in the freezer without thinking and a week after the crematorium guys came the freezer still stunk. Someone told us to put a bowl of bleach in the freezer which we did, and less than 24 hours later the smell was gone. So last night when our dog was sprayed and the house reeked I put out bowls of bleach and the next morning the smell was completely gone. Make sure you put it out of reach of dogs and children, as bleach is extremely poisonous (I normally don't use it for anything). Our dog still has the smell of skunk but only a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1-10, one being odor free and 10 being just sprayed.

Luckily the doctor I used to work with had this remedy hanging on the wall and I remembered it last night and it helped a lot. I'm going to try the listerine tomorrow to see if I can get the rest of the smell out. Another tip: a little mineral oil in your dog's eyes will protect them from the soap. That's what groomers use when they bathe dogs and vets use when the dog (or cat) is under anesthesia. A little saline after the bath will rinse most of it out so your dog can see again without a film.


I have a completely fenced back yard but the skunks come under the fence and spray my dog in her own back yard. A pet groomer told me to use a vinegar douche. You put it directly on the smelly part (after wiping off the skunk oil) and let it dry. Works great and goes a pretty long way. Sometimes I have bathed the dog first using baby shampoo so it won't hurt her eyes. (A vet tip.) Last night I woke up at 1 pm to the burnt tire smell and found the dog still wet and reaking. After a bath, a towel drying and about half a bottle of Walgreen's vinegar douche, she was fine. My house wasn't, but she was.


Thank you, Paul Krebaum. Your formula worked beautifully and the ingredients were quickly obtained at my local late night grocer. In our case, the mixture worked immediately and didn't require soaking. I followed with a soothing dog shampoo. Still trying to get clouds of skunk gas out of the house, but the dog smells nice.


Our dog got skunked at 9:00 tonight, just as we were finishing getting our kids to bed.

My husband wanted her to sleep outside, and the kids were crying at the thought of that. I knew all the stores were closed that sell the skunk smell remover so I searched on the internet and found this-- *thank heavens!* It is now two hours later and our dog is clean and dry and smells better than she did before she got skunked. She will sleep inside after all!: )

Oh, and even though our dog *hates* baths, she was very cooperative with the entire process. I think she could tell right away, as we could, that it was working to get the smell off.


I am fostering a rescue that had mild residual skunk order on his face area. I used the Listerine carefully on a rag and it worked wonderfully. Once that dried I followed up with a wipe down of organic (unfiltered) apple cider. Voila - no more skunk smell. Thank you very much. I have printed this page for any future use!


11:30pm, my golden was sprayed 1 hour ago, worked like a charm, now how do i get the smell off my freakin' porch...thanks


our 220lb dog was sprayed by a skunk at around midnight (awesome). This recipe worked phenomenally!! He actually got to sleep in the house that night :)

Thanks so much


This solution works wonders. I have used 'skunk off' in the past, but this time i wasn't prepared(midnight of course). So i ran into town and bought these supplies and it worked at least as well as 'skunk off'. It is great to not have to wait until the vet opens at 8 a.m.


My son's dog got sprayed at 10:45pm (that must be the skunk witching hour), I immediately smelled the horrible burnt tire smell filling my house...I immediately snatched up my cats and put them inside and began looking for what was on fire!!! Then realized, the dog!!! I actually used white vinegar instead of peroxide and it too worked like a charm!! Thank God he didn't get into the house and thank you for this website!!!


My dog got sprayed and I as well used Tomato Juice it didn't do much helped a little bit with the potency of the smell. I read on the internet that mouth wash works so I tried that, washed that out with axe body wash because I had no dog shampoo!!! He slept in the garage the night and in the morning I went out and bought the Peroxide and baking soda!!! it seemed to work... But he is still sleeping in the garage.... Day two he smelled still a friend brought me over a spray called skunk off you mix it with water and spray your he smells horrible I don't know if it brought all the smell out of his pores or what.. so i went and bathed him in the peroxide again he whined the whole time I left it on for 10 min and now I can still smell it but it is bearable... Does anyone know what I should do now??? Can I do the peroxide thing again? should I wait until tomorrow ?


well my dog got sprayed by the skunk one late night and he was a big dog, a boxer. all i hear that he was barking and i smell the air it was the skunk smell immediately and he was sprayed in his mouth and face. because he is still a new young dog and he still wondering about what this little animal is. so i decided to give him a good bath with a body wash and shampoo called Old spice for men it has this minty fresh. its good that i always have a bottle of this body wash and shampoo every time i take a shower. I had to let him wash for thirty minutes and then rinse him again and wash him again with the body wash and shampoo and rinse and towel dry him and it works. to get rid of the smell in the house i spray the house with Lysol to get rid of the skunk smell within an hour the smell is gone. it works for me .


It Works, works, works!!! My GSD had a run-in w/a skunk at midnight - fortunately I heard about this remedy recently at my workplace. Easy to find on a google search....

Tip: Use a medium size cello sponge to apply - you can wring-it out over the dog to cover large areas, (saturating a thick coat). Then use sponge carefully around mouth and eyes.


I let my dog outside at 11:30pm just before I was ready to go to bed. The other dog in the house started going crazy wanting outside and then the smell came through the window. I ran out hoping I could coax her inside before she noticed the skunk but it was too late she was on a dead run down the driveway. When I finally got her to come back all I could smell was burning tires not the dead skunk in the road smell. I found this web site and luckily I had everything except I only had 1 pint of peroxide. I mixed it up anyway and soaked her good. By the time I rinsed her off I couldn't smell the stink anymore. She will still stay in the kennel tonight and hopefully can come back in the house tomorrow.


Yep, our dog got skunked around 9:00 PM this evening! Not only did she get skunked in the face, but she killed the skunk and decided to play with it like a toy!! I thought the smell was going to make me puke!!! Not only her getting skunked, but a dead skunk somewhere on our property that will reek all night!!!! Ran to the store and picked up all the products to make this remedy and it worked!! I still have a faint smell of skunk (very mild) on her, but will do this again tomorrow morning as she has had this done 10 times tonight!!!


The solution by Paul Krebaum works! My 1-year-old lab was sprayed at about 10:45 PM (as close as I can figure). I had to go get the baking soda at the local convenience store so did not get her bathed until about 12:15 or so - the smell is gone (mainly was the head) even off her collar, which I left on as I bathed. Thanks for the tip!!!


As others have mentioned, our dog was sprayed at 10:30 in the evening. Putrid smell of burnt rubber! Quick search brought up this page of information. Ran out and purchased ingredients necessary, wiped down the dog with it as instructed. Not sure if it removed smell completely as the skunk smell was still strong outside, but it absolutely reduced the odor greatly. If necessary we will repeat the process in the morning. We greatly appreciate the free Paul Krebaum formula! Amazing how many sites want you to purchase such information.


This solution rocks!!!! Thanks for sharing.


Omg my dog got sprayed AT 11PM!!! I was like omg and my mom let him in the house and the smell filled the house!!! We didn't know what to do so i checked on the internet.. We tried this recipe and it worked!!! We are so relieved but we still have to figure out how to get the smell out of the house:(


My dog came in the house last nigh smelling strongly of skunk. I read your article, but didn't have hydrogen peroxide so I used vinegar instead. I applied it with a wash cloth, it worked really well, and today she doesn't have any skunk odor at all. Today I purchased hydrogen peroxide for future use. I have tried tomato juice before, and it didn't work at all. Thanks so much for your help.


OK-At 10 PM I smelled a whiff of skunk from the windows, I'd forgotten I'd let my dog out shortly before that. I asked my husband to go out and check to see if he could see the skunk, and the dog came in reeking! I scrubbed with clarifying shampoo several times, and tomato juice-No luck. After doing that several times I gave up and was about to lock her in the garage, but read this mix-had to use baking powder not soda (all I had) wiped it on the side of her face, and let it sit, then wiped it off. The smell is still there a bit, but It's tolerable till tomorrow and I'll see how things smell then....I hate skunks!


the concoction worked!


This formula really works!!!! We are watching a friends cat and it came in skunked. PeeUuu!! I tried this formula and within minutes I had a sweet smelling cat to give back to my friends. Thank you!!


Our dog was skunked a few nights ago and we searched online and found the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dawn detergent recipe. One application and the smell was completely gone. Thanks for sharing a great idea!


Tonight my dog was sprayed on our midnight walk. A huge, hideous Skunk got her bad - only inches away and at full spray. Of course, everything REEKED - including me. The neighbors smelled it too and were peeking out of their houses with nauseous looks on their faces. I used this solution on my dog and on myself, and thank goodness, we can now get a good night's sleep. I thought I was going to be up all night buying gallons of tomato juice! THANK YOU for this quick, effective solution.


I used simple green and it worked great.


The solution works, but using douche on them works too. It really helped!


We have two Springer Spaniels - they both got it early one cold morning. I used this solution and it worked. Do not use the tomato juice - it does not work and you have more of a mess to clean up.


This really works! Wow, my dog got it. Use this solution.


My dog got sprayed by a skunk at 10:00 at night and i didn't know what to do. She was sprayed last summer to and i tried the tomato one and it didn't work this time. i looked up on yahoo how to get the smell out and found this one so i went out and got all the things i needed and put it on her and let it set for about 15 min and it worked. She was sprayed in the face so it was harder to do but it still worked with a washcloth. Thanks so much to who ever invented this i will always have this in my house for next time this happens.


I want to say Thank you so very much,I first tried the good old tomato juice and my dog still smelled bad,I got onto your site and saw the mixture,went out and bought everything,I left it on for 1 hour and my dog smelled so much better,it really does work,I have told everyone I know about this. My dog was happy too,he was allowed back upstairs that night with the family.Thank You so very much.


My dog was skunked ( at midnight, of course)and managed to get into the house to wipe his face all over the carpet and couch. The recipe with peroxide, baking soda and dawn detergent worked! I let it sit on him for about an hour before I gave him a bath. By morning, he was absolutely skunk scent free. The rug was a bit more challenging. But I put some peroxide in a spray bottle and then dusted with baking soda. It took a few days - and several applications of fabric freshener.


This website saved my life! My dog was sprayed by a skunk right when I was leaving for work at 5am in the morning. I applied the hydrogen, baking soda, dish detergent solution when I got home and left it on for 5-10 minutes and it worked!!! I am so happy, that terrible smell is finally gone. I also tried tomato juice and it did not work, not close to this trick.


This post was a godsend at 10pm at night! Our dogs went outside one lat time for the night when we heard them baring at something. then we smelled what smelled like burned rubber and it smelled stronger and stronger! Oh great! A skunk! We called the dogs into the garage just to find out that BOTH were sprayed! We pulled this article up by doing a Google search and we had everything in the house for it! Thank you to the chemist in Illinios for developing this mixture! It worked perfectly! A MILLION THANKS!

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    • A skunk has one of the worst odors on the planet.
      A skunk has one of the worst odors on the planet.
    • Man putting on rubber gloves.
      Man putting on rubber gloves.
    • A dog being washed.
      A dog being washed.
    • Washing a dog with dish soap combined with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will help to remove skunk odors it may have picked up.
      Washing a dog with dish soap combined with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will help to remove skunk odors it may have picked up.
    • Baking soda can be used in a mixture to remove skunk odor.
      Baking soda can be used in a mixture to remove skunk odor.