Do Rabbits Eat Anything besides Hay and Grass?

Everyone knows that rabbits mostly eat clover, grass, and hay, but they also have another item on the menu: their own feces. As revolting as that sounds, it's an absolutely crucial part of a rabbit's diet. Rabbits employ a digestive process called hindgut fermentation that helps them get the most out of all of the fiber they take in. By digesting the food a second time -- in the form of a certain type of feces called cecotropes -- they can get all of the nutrients they need. Otherwise, a single run-through would give them a lesser amount, because their diet is so full of fiber and cellulose. For what it's worth, it's OK not to think about this the next time you encounter a cute little bunny.

Fun facts about our furry friends:

  • Despite what cartoons suggest, carrots are not a main component of a rabbit's diet; they are sugar-heavy, which can cause tooth decay.
  • Not all rabbits are tiny and cuddly: Flemish giant rabbits can reach lengths of 2.5 feet (.76 meters) and weigh 22 pounds (10 kg).
  • A rabbit's teeth never stop growing; they are always busy chewing things to keep their teeth from getting too long.
More Info: McGill University

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