Do Cockroaches Favor One Side over the Other?

Cockroaches, like humans, tend to be right-handed. Cockroaches aren't the only animals to display "handedness," though. Horses have been shown to be largely right-hoof dominant, and parrots, lobsters, owls and monkeys all show some kind of asymmetrical dominance.

More facts about cockroaches:

  • Young cockroaches can squeeze through a hole the thickness of a dime. Older ones need up to a quarter's thickness of space to squeeze through.

  • Female cockroaches mate only once in their lifetime, but after that, they're pregnant for the rest of their lives.

  • Cockroaches that have just shed their skin are white with black eyes. It takes them up to eight hours to regain their normal shell coloring.
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I have heard that lobsters and cockroaches are in the

same family and species.


So what happens to all the male cockroaches? No regular sex?

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