Do Birds Remember Human Faces?

Research has shown that wild crows, ravens and pigeons can remember human faces. In some cases, the birds can actually remember a face years after just one encounter. Studies also have shown that some birds respond differently to calls from unfamiliar humans than they do to calls from humans with whom they are acquainted.

More about animals and facial recognition:

  • Bees can recognize human faces, research shows, and other studies have shown that wasps can recognize each other's faces.

  • One study showed that sheep can distinguish between photographs of faces and photographs of the same face that has been slightly changed by computer software.

  • Crows not only can learn the faces of people who directly threaten them, they might also call in other crows for backup. The crows that join the "mob" likewise can learn the face of the threatening individual.

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About crows: they do not need to be wild to remember faces. Because I feed them, they know me well, even if I have not opened my purse yet. They are there waiting. They are amazing, but not friendly. They are very demanding, voracious and not grateful.

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