Do All Frogs Croak?

Although frogs are widely known for their croaking, not all frogs croak. One of the best examples is the Goliath frog. Goliaths are the largest frogs found on Earth, and the species is believed to have been in existence for about 250 million years. This frog not only does not croak, it is completely mute. In most species of frogs, only the male frog is able to croak.

More facts about frogs:

  • Among frogs that do croak, the sound will vary based on the species. This is because the size of the small sac that is found in a frog's throat will vary from one species to another.

  • Frogs can also make other types of sounds. Depending on the species, those sounds include chirping, barking, clucking and ribbiting.

  • When consuming prey, many species of frogs will blink. The blinking action helps push the eyeballs downward and applies more pressure on the top of the mouth. This aids in moving the food down the frog’s throat.

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