Do All Animals Have Color Vision?

The majority of animals have at least a limited spectrum of color vision, which varies in brightness and clarity depending on the type of animal. Fish, birds, and insects are thought to have the most developed spectrum of color vision, and are able to see colors that even humans cannot see. Bats are one of the rare examples of non-marine animals (technically, land animals) that actually have no color vision. The only type of animals in which colorblindness appears to be the norm is in marine mammals, including walruses, dolphins, and whales.

More about animals and vision:

  • The most commonly manufactured colors for dog toys tend to be red and orange, even though it has been found that dogs have difficulty seeing those colors.
  • The expression blind as a bat is a myth. Even though bats are unable to see colors, their eyes are more sensitive to light waves, allowing them to view objects in the dark.
  • Spanish bullfighters traditionally wave a red cape to anger bulls; however, it's not the color that causes the bulls’ reactions but rather the motion of the cape because bulls cannot actually see red.
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Many other animals are color-blind. Humans should be color blind as well, but they are not; hence their costly trouble!

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