Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers?

Scientists believe that dinosaurs may have had feathers, according to discovered fossils that indicate that dinosaurs may have shared a common ancestor with birds. Dating back to the 1990s when over five species of feathered dinosaur fossils were discovered, it was thought that perhaps just one family of dinosaurs had feathers since the fossils were of raptor dinosaurs, which belong to the theropod group. In 2014, fossils were discovered in Siberia of feathered dinosaurs in the ornithischian group. Since this type of dinosaur had different ancestors than previously discovered dinosaurs with feathers, scientists believe that all dinosaurs could have had some type of plumes for insulation and all shared ancestors with birds.

More about dinosaurs:

  • The Tyrannosaurus rex had such strong teeth, it is thought the dinosaur could bite the equivalent of a 500 pound (226.78 kg) tiger in one bite.
  • Many dinosaurs were not small but actually a size similar to small birds, like pigeons. For example, pterodactyl fossils have indicated a wingspan of just 10 inches (25.4 cm).
  • Over 700 species of dinosaurs have been identified through uncovered fossils.

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