Can Pets Be Allergic to Their Owners?

While most of us know that people can be allergic to animal fur or feathers, fewer people know that pets can be allergic to human dander. In fact, people can be allergic to other people too, specifically the skin cells and hair found in dust. Pet allergies to human dander are actually not so rare, and there are a number of veterinary facilities that run allergy panel tests on pets. A pet's allergic reaction to human dander, which can take months or years to develop, usually results in extreme itching, rather than the respiratory problems that human allergies often manifest as.

Additional information about pets and allergies :

  • There are numerous treatments for pets that are allergic to people, including pills, bi-weekly shots, and medicated baths.

  • It is possible that allergies to human dander have increased recently as people and pets spend more time indoors and are increasingly exposed to these potential allergens.

  • At least one study has found that allergies could be partially eliminated by introducing parasites into a body, which creates a legitimate threat for the body to fight against.

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