Are Raindrops Shaped like Teardrops?

Despite popular representations, raindrops are not shaped like teardrops. Small raindrops start out being round. As they collide with other drops and grow in size while falling, however, they begin to flatten, taking on a shape that is more akin to a hamburger bun or a bean. Some raindrops eventually break apart, assuming an arch-like shape during the division process. Raindrops typically divide into smaller drops when they grow to a radius of 0.17 inches (about 4.3 mm).

More about rain:

  • An inch (2.54 cm) of rainwater covering 1 acre (4,047 square meters) of land is equal to 27,154 gallons (102,789 L) of liquid.

  • Some flowers are shaped so as to launch seeds via raindrops. As the rain hits these cone-shaped flowers, the splashing water carries seeds to other areas, spreading the plant's seeds.

  • The city of Iquique, Chile, had no rain for 14 years.

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