Are Cats Right- or Left-Handed?

Humans aren't the only species that favors their left or right hands. Cats also have a preference, although a large percentage can use both paws equally well. About 42% of cats are ambidextrous, 38% favor their left paws, and 20% favor their right paws.

The preference also varies between genders and depending on the type of task at hand. For example, female cats tend to favor their right paws, whereas male cats tend to favor their left paws. Cats may use either paw for simple tasks such as pawing at a toy. But when it comes to more demanding tasks such as removing food from a small container, cats tend to use the paw they are more inclined toward. Of course, since many cats are ambidextrous, they have no trouble using either paw and will use both without preference.

More about cats:

  • Cats can move their ears in many different directions and independently because they have over 20 muscles in each ear.
  • Female cats, on average, have 1-8 kittens per litter.
  • Cats require more protein than most other mammals, about 12% for an adult cat.

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